If you're getting sick of the monthly struggle to pay the extortionate rent on the dilapidated shoebox you currently live in, today may just be your lucky day.

How about an upgrade to an £800k ($1012k) mansion on the outskirts of Glasgow? Complete with sauna, swimming pool, spiral staircase, an acre of private gardens and seven bedrooms?

Well, here's your chance - this very house is being raffled off right now, with an entry fee of a mere fiver.

dream house

Credit: Win Your Dream Home

When Shamus Fitzsimons lost his job and realised his family could no longer afford to keep it, he made the tough decision to put his home on the market.

The only problem? It was getting nowhere near enough interest.

"It's a real cracker of a house," Shamus told Glasgow Live. "I've tried to sell it using the traditional route of an estate agent for the past 12 months but have had no success.

"Everyone falls in love with the place because it's just fantastic, but unfortunately we're fishing in a very small pool of people who can afford to buy it."

dream house

Credit: Win Your Dream Home

Determined not to let the banks muscle in and repossess his beloved house, Shamus decided to pursue a somewhat less conventional method of selling.

He said: "We noticed someone down south was in a similar predicament and decided to raffle it off, so we thought we'd try that too."

dream house

Credit: Win Your Dream Home

The 46-year-old is now raffling off tickets for a fiver apiece in a bid to shift the mansion - all you have to do in order to be in with a chance of winning is answer a simple question about the period the building dates from.

"Angie [Shamus' wife] is a website designer so it was simple enough for us to set up the online competition," he said.

"It really is a great opportunity for someone or a family to own an amazing house which is unlisted and is in such a desirable conservation area, mortgage free."

dream house

Credit: Win Your Dream Home

Dullatur House is nestled away in the picturesque little village of Dullatur, near Cumbernauld. It was built in 1745.

Shamus and Angie purchased Dullatur House a couple of years back and ploughed a lot of time and effort into turning it into the lavish home you see before you today.

Unfortunately, an unexpected turn of events forced the family to part with their dream home.

He continued: "I lost my job so we realised we couldn't afford it and we came to the very tough decision that we'd have to sell it.

"We reduced the price a couple of times but it was to no avail so we thought, instead of the banks flexing their muscles and repossessing this lovely home, why not take matters into our own hands?"

dream house

Credit: Win Your Dream Home

Shamus and Angie are running their raffle until December and are aiming to sell 250,000 tickets.

"That amount of tickets will allow us to cover the costs of the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, legal fees, and to complete any last-minute jobs to ensure the house is perfect for its next owner," said Shamus.

"It would certainly be some Christmas present."

You can enter the raffle here.

Words: Paddy Maddison

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