It's pretty easy to lose your wallet, phone or dignity at a music festival. You're running around and dancing with everyone - these things easily slip out.

Now, while you might be lucky enough to switch on Find My iPhone and reclaim the device, your wallet is a bit trickier.

After searching for a while to no avail, you'd give up and cancel your cards in the morning.

Well imagine that 14 years later you got a message from a random person telling you they found it.

That's exactly what happened to Tim Burrows, who went to Reading Festival back in 2003.

Out of nowhere, Tim got a message saying: "Did you lose a wallet at Reading once?"

The guy told Tim: "I think my friends found it in a ditch near orange and yellow camp in 2003 if indeed it was yours, it was handed into the lost and found, but not before one of them "burrowed"[sic] a 10er out of it and bought as much white lightning as he could find.

"Of course looking back on it, that was very childish and illegal but I always thought it would be nice to reach out and let you know that it went down as an annual tradition of cider drinking competitions named 'The Timothy Burrows Challenge'.

"Sorry to inform you so many years later, would happily restore karma by offering to pay the £10 back to its rightful owner... I fear now the number of Timothy Burrows I have messaged in my attempt to do this."

So not only did Tim find out his ten pounds was used to buy some pretty strong English cider, but he was also the focus of an epic sounding drinking game every year.

The rules to this game, according to Tim's wallet finder, were: "Three teams of five had three litres of cider between them. It's a sprint to the end. The winning team on this new year's edition of the new game managed to win in under five minutes, one team failed to finish. One team captain spent the rest of the night rolled up in carpet."

Now just when I thought this story couldn't get any better, one of the former participants has tweeted Tim showing some pictures of their annual game.


Tim says he's keen to 'revive the Tim Burrows challenge'. I would absolutely love to see him join the guys who started the game for a massive piss up.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Nivv Oudit

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie is a Trending Journalist at LADbible. His first job was as a newsreader and journalist at the award winning Sydney radio station, Macquarie Radio. He was solely responsible for the content broadcast on multiple stations across Australia when the MH17, Germanwings and AirAsia disasters unfolded. Stewart has covered the conflict in Syria for LADbible, interviewing a doctor on the front line, and has contributed to the hugely successful UOKM8 campaign.

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