Study Reveals Half Of Men Don't Know Where The Vagina Is

We all know of the female reproductive organ as the vagina, but that, in fact, only makes up one part of it.

It turns out, according to a recent study, that 50 percent of males need to go back to school for some extra sex education lessons, as they failed to label the exact spot of the vagina.

The Eve Appeal asked 1,000 men to pinpoint the vagina on a diagram that also asked them to point to the vulva, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes - 500 failed to correctly label the vagina.

To help, here's a diagram...

Credit: NHS

The charity did not disclose too much information about the study, so it may just be that they found 500 men who couldn't answer it, nor did they reveal ages, so it may be that one generation is less informed than another.

However, with all that criticism that could come a bloke's way, it's important to remember that the same charity last year found the 44 percent of woman didn't know where the vagina was themselves.

All this is done ahead of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month in September to highlight how few us of know the essentials when it comes to gynaecological cancers.

The research also found that one-in-six men lacked knowledge when it comes to women issues downstairs, citing that they don't need to know about it as it's a 'female issue'.

They also added that the vagina is something 'shrouded in mystery', which raised concern for sexual pleasure (how are men supposed to make women orgasm if they don't know what they are touching), but also our sexual health.

Seeing as the male partner comes in contact to the vagina, on numerous occasions, it's important that they know what doesn't feel right, and encourage women to go to the doctors.

Around 21,000 women are affected by cancers in the nether regions each year.

Athena Lamnisos, Eve Appeal's chief executive, said: "The survey results show shockingly low levels of awareness of the symptoms of gynaecological cancer among both men and women.

"We know from the many calls that we receive at The Eve Appeal from men, that they can play a vital role in identifying the symptoms of gynaecological cancer, prompting their partners to visit the GP.

"This is not about having better sex. It's about men helping women to look after their health. Gynae awareness and taboo busting are all of our responsibility, men and women alike."

Vaginal health issues were also raised earlier this year when oak galls, the nests in which wasps reside, were part of a trend to clean, tighten and rejuvenate the vagina.

However, it was found to cause damaging side effects including painful sex, a lack of healthy bacteria and an increased risk of contracting HIV.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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