A mum has shared shocking photographs of her teenage daughter in a hospital bed after taking an ecstasy tablet.

Kerry Robinson posted the images of her daughter, Leah, 16, who is lying unconscious surrounded by tubes and wires, to raise awareness of the dangers of the party drug.

Uploading the pictures to Facebook, Kerry wrote: "My daughter had a brain scan and put in a coma because she took ecstasy. She is in a bad way. Please let there be a God and Leah be okay. I love her so much xxxx."

She followed this with another image of Leah lying in an induced coma, adding "This is what ecstasy does when you take them, my baby girl, please be ok xxx please don't take them."

Kerry also wrote: "I put the picture up so no other kids would think of taking these tablets again. Yes I blamed myself all the time but kids will be kids and try stupid stuff. She suffered hypothermia as well and she's very lucky they got to her in time. I just hope kids will think twice before taking these pills."

Kerry, from Wigan, claimed that her daughter took the pill at a party over Christmas and that two other young people were taken into hospital due to taking pills from the same batch.

Leah has since made a full recovery.

The images are reminiscent of the heartbreaking photos of Leah Betts, who died in 1995 after taking a pill at her 18th birthday party.

Credit: Janet and Paul Betts

Her family made the brave decision to share the horrifying pictures of their daughter lying in a hospital bed to alert others of the dangers. A post mortem found that Leah had died after drinking more than three litres of water in a short space of time.

Tests showed that her brain had swollen after taking ecstasy, which was made worse by the amount of water she drank.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kerry Robinson

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