'Dear rest of the world,' the journalist Laurie Penny wrote on her Twitter the other day. 'We say this a lot, but this time we mean it. We're sorry. Sincerely, Britain.'

The tweet has two implications, that a) Penny, a proud contributor to the 48.1 percent of the electorate that voted to remain in the European Union, speaks for the entire Remain campaign, or b) that she speaks for the entirety of Britain. More precisely, the Britain she prefers. The 51.9 percent of people who voted to leave the European Union, presumably, are not British or decent people - such has been the overriding scorn of Remainers since June 23: that 17,410,742 Britons are irrelevant.

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It's a shitshow. The sheer hysteria levelled by a large chunk of the Remain campaign in the aftermath of the referendum has been nothing short of intolerant, bigoted and small-minded. Ironically, the qualities they pride themselves of being above.

They preached the importance of the electorate as a whole; how every vote mattered. Curiously, of course, up until they lost. Then suddenly half of the country didn't matter at all. Disregarded like dogs taking the wheel of a Boeing 777, they 'couldn't be trusted'.

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They preached the importance of sticking together; to champion the choice of reformation over isolation... up until they lost. They then dampened Facebook with V-sign eulogies to an unrecognisable homeland and their plans to leave little old England in the choke hold of its new fascist establishment. Strangely, they didn't want us to come together and work on our differences any more. One punter even spawned a 'Londependence', which, regardless of its sincerity, speaks to an inherent prejudice: that the outer provinces don't in any way matter to the capital.

Obviously, most northerners are already aware of this snobbery, but usually it's relatively-veiled. However, judging by the past couple of days, I wouldn't even say the sneers have been 'thinly-veiled'.

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Chances are most of you have seen at least one meme or post captioned something akin to 'Brexiters be like...' above a video of someone doing something ballsy only for it to come back and bite them in the arse. See, these videos are funny because all Leave voters are dumb and irrational. Geddit?

The idea that ordinary, working people - who leftist activists are usually keen to invite to the ballot box - might be driven by something other than armchair racism is beyond Remainers. Working class people are thick. Mate, have you not seen Jeremy Kyle? They probably couldn't even spell bureaucracy, let alone take a stand against it.

'England to get battered tonight please,' one person tweeted, prior to the England vs. Iceland knockout game. 'Knuckle dragging racists have had enough to celebrate in the last week'. While another mused 'Frankly I don't like thick chavs having a say over my future.'

TechnicallyRon even made a contemporary flag for a Britain outside of the EU, on which 'great' was misspelt 'grate' because - get this - leave voters are thick. The decorated White Lightning cider, WKDs and Heinz beans - they all represent the simple pleasures of simple people, because everyone who voted leave is just that.

I can't speak for everyone, but for me the only funny thing about Remainers is that you never know what they're gonna say next. Stuff like this, though? It's shit banter. I've seen better beef in Sainsbury's ready meals.

Now on top of being comedians, the Remainers also fancy themselves as being bastions of intelligence and morale, but so far their reactionary scope has run from whinging like toddlers to shouting 'racist!' at every Tom, Dick or Harry. The news, the weather, the football - everything is Brexit's fault. The leavers are made out to be the bigots, yet from the looks of things nothing has come remotely close to 'the chavs have won', 'fuck old people' slander found amongst some Remainers.

And it doesn't end there. Just when you think their conceit couldn't get any wetter, some critics are now trying to legitimise dross along the lines of "48% of the country didn't vote for this." Well, so fucking what? 52% did. Don't get me wrong, you have the right to be angered, irritated, maybe even worried by it - I wouldn't want anyone to become apolitical or apathetic - but that doesn't grant you the right to turn the tables. That's not how democracy works.

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When the Exit Poll came through in last year's general election, I wasn't exactly trying to spearhead a Mexican wave around my living room, but I didn't for one second demand it be replayed until it suited my own views.

That there are plans for apparently "progressive" left-wing and liberal people to march in their droves in central London against democracy is distressing, especially for someone who aligns themselves with the same core beliefs. That Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats - DEMOCRATS - refused to acknowledge the result of a democratic act is laughable. The nail in the coffin of an already deceased party.

And if young Labourites continue to openly vilify the working class then they can consider themselves fucked, too. What kind of future does a party like Labour - the torchbearer for 'ordinary' people - have when its membership is seemingly overridden by stroppy, moronic classists who like to scare us peasants into voting for them, only to smear us if we disagree? Not a great one, I fear.

Words by Josh Teal

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Josh Teal

Josh Teal is a journalist at LADbible. He has contributed to the 'Knowing Me, Knowing EU' and 'UOKM8?' campaigns interviewing everyone from student drug dealers to climate change activists.

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