We love a limited edition chocolate treat in Britain. We usually live by the mantra of if it's only limited edition, we may as well get a tonne of it and eat it until we're sick.

Cadbury's have gone and dropped a limited edition Oreo Creme Egg, and you'd be right to go and stock up on it.

The treat has already been doing the rounds in places like Canada, but now it's in the UK, according to Metro.

It's effectively the same outer shell that contains the goodness of a Creme Egg, but instead harnesses the true power and sweetness of Oreo cream and biscuit.

Canadians have reportedly been enjoying the delight of this for a least a year, but if you look in the right places over on our shores, you'll be able to find one yourself.

There is some disappointment, as there has been a decision to mess about with the packaging and throw some plastic around the egg rather than wrapping it in its usual foil - pointless.

Also, it's right after Christmas, a time when everyone is fully bored and sick of chocolate, and are still trying to shift the Bounty bars from a box of Celebrations. At least wait until Easter.

Featured Image Credit: haohaodancer via Instagram

Mark McGowan

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