When in a relationship, you learn to love your other half in spite of what you secretly and shamefully regard as their annoying or slightly lesser features.

Though those niggling details might be obvious, you should be able to look past them and enjoy a committed and durable relationship, simply because it's an unwritten rule to not say anything, even if their ears are huge.

This guy clearly didn't get the message, as he quite nonchalantly said his girlfriend's nose was too big on national telly.

Appearing on Your Face Or Mine, which seems to be a program committed to breaking up couples, Ben was asked by Jimmy Carr to name his girlfriend Stephanie's worst feature.

In all honesty, he didn't even stop to think, nor did he try and make out that he was picking something by process of elimination. He got straight in there. Bang! "Her nose."

Credit: Your Face Or Mine/Comedy Central UK

Stephanie seems to take his evaluation of her face on the chin, and instantly replies with the same insult - that Ben's nose is his worst feature. However, unlike her significant other, she sugar coats the news, saying that his schnoz is the way it is because of rugby.

She's ultimately the 'winner' of the situation, if there's such a thing, as apparently 85 percent of people thought she was better looking than her fella, who received a dismal 15 percent of votes.

Swings and roundabouts, I guess. Really weird swings and roundabouts, mind.

This is bad, but it's not quite as bad as Charlotte and Harry's episode, when Charlotte was forced to answer a very risky question about her boyfriend and his brother.

Harry's brother, Freddy, is brought out on to the stage and Charlotte is tasked with choosing who she thinks is better looking. Charlotte admits that she thinks Freddy is good looking.

Host Katherine Ryan eventually asks the big question: who does she think is better looking?

Credit: Your Face Or Mine/Comedy Central UK

Well, that's gotta hurt.

I'm pretty sure Freddy is going to play that clip back to him every chance he gets, too. It's the sort of thing a younger brother would do. It has probably also put Charlotte under a bit of pressure, not to mention in an awkward situation.

Luckily, for Charlotte, they at least won the cash, which I guess is going to be some consolation for poor Harry, who has to deal with the fact that his better half thinks his brother is hotter.

Featured Image Credit: Your Face or Mine/Comedy Central UK

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