Pilot 'Tells Horrified Passengers There's Only A 50/50 Chance Both Engines Will Work'

Despite being the 'safest' mode of transport, there is often apprehension from passengers when they board a plane.

It's not so much worrying about if something might happen, but rather what can go wrong. The engine could simply stop, it could drop out of the sky, a door might open - the list goes on, and there's always someone fretting over it.

Any frequent flyers will know that the way to essentially nullify these feelings is to hit the airport bar prior to flying. The simple addition of the golden nectar not only gets any holiday off to a good start, but will also ready you for nice sleep on the aircraft.


One thing it will struggle to help with, is when the pilot tells you one of the engines isn't working. It's literally the worst thing ever.

Passengers on an EasyJet flight from Malaga to Bristol, however claim they were asked to vote on whether they wanted to stay on the plane or not. Basically the pilot told them there was only a 50/50 chance of both engines working, and so wanted a show of hands to see who fancied the risk.

Not really a proposal you want, is it? It certainly wasn't for one passenger who genuinely threw up because he was so traumatised.

"He said we could stay on the plane - we'd been on it waiting for an hour at this point and been in Malaga for two nights extra already - or he'd see if we would be allowed to get off again," claims Terri Hill, who was on board.

"At this point there was a bit of a mutiny on the plane, an awful lot of shouting and people crying, and demanding to get off.

"There were about 12 people who wanted to stay on, but the rest of us wanted to get off."

Terri Hill (left) Credit: SWNS

It seems that the question caused quite a ruckus on board, which caused people to hyperventilate, vomit and panic.

"'He gave us the option, asked us what he should do. He asked for a show of hands," the man who threw up said.

"There were some who just wanted to try it, they wanted to get home. But most didn't.

"There were girls hyperventilating, lots of people were panicking. There were elderly people on there, and lots of children.

"The worst thing was we had to wait another hour or two before they would actually let us off the plane."

A spokesman for easyJet said: "The pilot attempted to use one engine to start the other engine as is normal procedure.

"Because he was aware that the passengers had already been considerably delayed due to a technical problem the pilot asked the passengers if they would like to get off or remain on board whilst the engine start up sequence continued.

"It was then decided to fly the passengers back on a replacement aircraft.

"At no point did the pilot ask passengers, or would ever attempt, to fly the aircraft without both engines working correctly."

A replacement plane was brought for them to fly back to the UK.

What a palaver.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

Mark McGowan

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