Owner Shares Video Of Loyal Dog Bringing Them The Newspaper

Until it becomes law that there has to be a dog for every person, we will continue to live in dark, dark times.

Ever said a few unkind words about a dog? No, because it's impossible for a dog to piss you off. They could poo on the living room rug, chew up the couch and wee in your tea, but you just can't get mad at 'em.

They're simply the best friend you could ever ask for.

Kuva, a Golden Retriever, is a prime example. He sadly passed away recently, but that hasn't stopped him warming the hearts of not only his family, but everyone around the world.

The pup was captured on video bringing the newspaper to his family every single day in Auckland, right up until the day he died. Watch the footage below:

Credit: Brent Cooper via Cool Dog Group

"We live in a rural area and our daily paper is tossed onto the bottom of our driveway by the contractor," said Brent Cooper, his owner. "One morning I went to get it and it was on the front porch.

"Same thing the next morning... and the next. The next day I got up a bit earlier and saw our four-year-old retriever bringing the paper up the driveway in his mouth.

"He had seen me go down and get it every morning so taught himself to do it for me. And he did it every morning for the next ten years of his wonderful life, rain, hail or shine. Until last year. RIP Kuva, you were indeed a super cool dog."

Credit: Brent Cooper via Cool Dog Group

Brent told Daily Mail Australia: "Myself or my daughter Shelby, 26, used to walk down the driveway every morning and grab it and Kuva would be hanging out on the porch with his tail wagging.

"When I saw it on the porch one morning I thought that the paper guy must have done a good deed because it was raining - the driveway is close to 50 metres long.

"But I got up early the next morning and there he was trotting proudly up the driveway with the paper in his mouth. I thought that Shelby must have taught him because he absolutely adored her, but she hadn't!"

Even on the day Kuva died, he tried to go and get the paper, but according to Brent, "he was wobbling and fell over" and had to be taken to the vet, where the worst happened.

Thankfully his memory lives on via the many dog lovers of the internet, who have overwhelmed Brent with their response to his video.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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