Christian 'Prophet' Has His Arse Torn To Shreds After He Said God Would Save Him From Lions

A Christian 'prophet' has had his arse torn off by a lion after he claimed God wouldn't let it happen.

Alec Ndiwane, a Zion Christian Church prophet, bravely ran towards a pride of lions, adamant that the 'Lord's power over animals' would prevail and stop him from sustaining any serious injuries, GhanaWeb reports.

Ndiwane performed the dangerous stunt on a safari trip in South Africa in front of his fellow church-goers.

"I do not know what came over me. I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals," Ndiwane said. "Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth."

A lion pride walks past tourists near Kruger National Park. Credit: PA

The Christian man had spotted the lions preying on an impala in South Africa's Kruger National Park when he decided to sprint towards them. At this point, unfortunately, he was seen as prey, so the lions turned to him.

Realising his mistake, he turned on his heels and ran straight back to the car.

Unluckily, before he made it back, the Lord didn't intervene and one of the jungle cats chowed down on his derriere.

Luckily, a ranger was on hand to fire shots into the air to scare the animals away, saving Ndiwane from further injuries. He was rushed to hospital to have his wounds stitched.

"It would have been reported to us if any of our rangers had taken part in this incident as reported," Kruger National Park spokesman William Mabasa said.

Weirdly, it's not the first time someone has been daft enough to think mingling with lions is a good idea.

Mukesh Kumar, 35, got pissed up with his mates before going to the Nehru Zoo Park in Hyderabad, India, and jumped into an enclosure because he wanted to 'shake a lion's hand'.

The migrant labourer jumped into the moat surrounding the lions, causing a stir among horrified guests who heard him singing to the lions, 'Please come to me my darling'.

Zoo keepers reacted quickly to the screams and were able to lower a pole so he could climb out. The incident lasted a full 15 minutes and was captured by frightened eye-witnesses on mobile phones.

Mukesh was taken into police custody and charged under various sections of the Wildlife Protection Act.

"He told us he wanted to see the lions up close and shake hands with one of them," said Inspector Harish Kaushik. "He is lucky enough to have survived. The zoo keepers told us that it was the time of the cats for their feed and they responded to their voice when called out."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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