Creative Couple Make Horror Trailer To Reveal Sex Of Baby

If you're wanting to find out the sex of your unborn child but find the whole hospital/doctors thing a bit clinical, why not spice things up a tad by using a Ouija board instead? What could possibly go wrong? Well, that's exactly what Judy and Gavin Holt did in their latest pregnancy-related short horror film and as it turns out, actually quite a lot.

Wedding photographers Judy and Gavin Holt forewent the usual gender reveal social media post, choosing instead to shoot a horror trailer to announce the sex of their baby to friends and family.

The whole thing is pretty eerie throughout but things really take a turn for the worst when the couple make the responsible adult decision to ask dead people if their baby will be a boy or a girl.

Credit: Gavin Holt/YouTube

From there on out, it's your classic paranormal flick, complete with 'child writing weird shit on the walls', 'angry spirit flipping Ouija board' and other such horror movie favourites.

YouTube commenters are a notoriously volatile bunch, but even they loved the couple's unconventional announcement and the video, posted two days ago, has already racked up an impressive 26,000 views.

Credit: YouTube

However, this isn't the first time Judy and Gavin have enjoyed a slice of viral attention. In 2015 the creative couple made a similar short horror trailer to announce Judy's pregnancy, which now has almost 1 million views.

The photographer couple followed in the footsteps of Brandon Pitts, a creative TV producer, and his wife Robin, from Toledo, Ohio, who decided to sack of the heart-warming pregnancy announcement route in favour of also making their own hilarious horror trailer.

It starts with Robin washing her hands at the sink when the stove behind here mysteriously ignites. Slightly bewildered, she turns it off, but it swiftly ignites again.

Her husband comes home and checks inside the oven to see if something's wrong, but he finds nothing untoward.

Even the dog can sense that something is up and sits barking at the appliance as the temperature dial slowly turns of its own accord.

The trailer ends with Robin's phone ringing and she is horrified to see that the caller ID reads: "OVEN". The couple open the oven one last time to see what's inside and once they do, they're greeted by a bun.

A banner in the clip then reads: 'Bun in the Oven, Coming June 2014'.

Featured Image Credit: Gavin Holt/YouTube

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