E-Cigs Cause 'Significantly Less Damage To DNA Than Cigarettes'

A new study reports that e-cigarettes 'cause significantly less damage to our DNA' than normal cigarettes.

Funded by British American Tobacco, the research looks at the difference inhaling electronic cigarettes have on our body and genes, compared to real tobacco.

Creating a 3D model of human airways, scientists exposed the tissue to smoke created by vapes and cigarettes, documenting the effects they both had, The Sun reports.

To see the effect the smoke had on the airways, researchers made a note of those that were 'switched on and off' at 24 and 48 hours, after they were exposed to the smoke for one hour.

Credit: PA

After 24 hours, it was found that 873 genes were affected, whereas after 48 hours that number stood at 205.

When it came to vapour from e-cigarettes, it was found that only three were affected after one day, and one was after two.

The smoke from vapes reportedly had a direct effect on cell metabolism and oxidative stress processes, whereas real cigarettes were linked to different lung diseases.

"Our results clearly show that cigarette smoke has an adverse effect on cells, triggering a robust gene expression response," Dr James Murphy, from British American Tobacco, told The Sun.

"However, even at equivalent or higher dose of nicotine, acute exposure to the test e-cigarette vapour has very limited impact on gene expression compared to cigarette smoke exposure - it's a striking difference."

Though the dangers of e-cigarettes might be significantly less when it comes to physical health, they do carry their own unique troubles.

Multiple reports have shown the devices blowing up unexpectedly.

Dan Walker, a 20-year-old father from Tamworth, was out with his friends when he heard a massive bang, according to The Sun. His trousers had caught on fire. Members of the public jumped into action, rolling him on the ground in an attempt to put out the blaze.

The e-cigarette battery in his pocket had 'exploded like a firework' and left him with second and third degree burns to his thigh. As a result of the incident he needed a skin graft and was off work for six weeks.

Credit: SWNS

"There was no warning, the battery was not hot or causing any problems," Dan said.

"As I walked into one of the shops I heard this bang and a whistle like you hear from a firework and my leg had caught fire.

"My left leg was totally covered in fire and my right was singed.

"I could have lost my private parts or even worse. If I'd been vaping at the time it could have taken my face clean off. It's terrifying to think about what might have been."

Source: The Sun

Featured Image Credit: PA

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