Even if your relationship ends on good terms, you can often find yourself feeling slightly bitter towards your ex.

It's out of your control, really. Even if you think you're fine with it all, feelings towards them are always a bit strained.

This guy's relationship obviously ended in some kind of shit storm, but he decided to try and see the funny side.

His ex sent him a letter to try and put aside their differences and get back together, though he wasn't having any of it. Instead he decided he'd critique her mail like a school teacher, giving her feedback and a grade.

The letter is out of context, but it looks like there was a lot of 'taking for granted' and some suspected adultery which drove the poor guy to ending the relationship.

He claims to appreciate the four page letter, though gives it a score of 61 out of 100, awarding her a measly D-.

His reasons for doing so are justified, as he feels that not enough evidence is supplied to back up the interesting points she raises.

This fella has a different approach to his ex, as he makes a point of letting her know that he hates her.

Going by the name Picasso on Twitter, he sets an alarm for 7:45am everyday to remind him to send a message to his estranged missus to get his emotions off his chest.

He claims to have done it for three years, racking up over 1,000 texts, most of which simply read "I hate you".

A lot of people have thrown their 50ps worth in on the matter, telling him that what he's doing is a waste of time and that maybe it's time to move on.

He defended it by saying: "Y'all in the comments like "you lame", "petty", "wack", "childish", "crazy". But you know what," and posted a meme which read "I don't give a fuck".

WikiHow also got involved, tweeting him a link on three ways to get over a break up.

The first tip suggests moving on, which means you have to keep your distance, organise your space, remove memory triggers, get out, avoid rebounds and focus on yourself.

The other two are about dealing with your emotions and working through your feelings. Two things nobody really wants to do.

Anyway, why's he got an alarm set for 4.48am?

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