How much do you trust your babysitter? That first time for parents can bring the nerves when leaving your kids alone - especially if it's with a stranger.

One dad, known only as Christopher and believed to be from the US, returned home to find his babysitter asleep on the sofa.

He'd only popped back for some paperwork he'd forgotten, but when he walked through the door he found the childminder, known as Sarah, snoozing, with nobody keeping a watchful eye on his children.

After taking a few quick photos as evidence, Christopher decided to leave the scene and take his children with him, making it look like they'd been kidnapped.

As Sarah came around, and realised that the kids had disappeared, she began to frantically text the man whose children she was in charge of.

Chris (maybe purposefully) ignored several calls from her at first before messaging her saying: "What's up? Hello? Why you blowing me up?"

Sarah asked Chris to 'call me now' but he claimed to have no signal, and asked: 'What's up?'

She then admitted to calling his wife's school, with one of her colleagues telling her that 'the boys were ok'.

Pretending to be angry, Chris then lost it and sent her a text which read: "Where are my fucking kids Sarah?" Her reply was simply: "If I knew I wouldn't be blowing up your phone!!"

Eventually, Chris came clean, but not before he gave Sarah the scare of her life. In a series of texts, he wrote: "I took my fucking kids at 10. Get out of my fucking house! I may be pressing charges on you for neglecting my fucking kids."

He added that he was on the way to the police station and, obviously, that she was fired.

It's a text conversation that has caused debate on social media, with some believing Chris was in the right, other's saying that Sarah was hard done to.

Heidi Edwards wrote on Facebook: "Omg! Talk about major over-reaction. I was only a 16-year-old kid when I used to babysit but I often fell asleep on the sofa when parents didn't come home until 2 or 3am... It's not a crime to nod off! If the kids are asleep in bed."

"Stupid. When he saw her sleeping he should have fired her on the spot and moved on," added another.

While a third wrote: "It's called child endangerment and neglect... she was not babysitting kids who were in bed for the night, she was already passed out at 10am and it took her house to know they weren't even there."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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