Jesus, Mary and fucking Joseph, do not watch this video. Watch The Chase, watch this compilation of Friends outtakes, watch the clouds passing in the sky. Just don't watch this video of a man having an abscess the size of a tennis ball on his jaw popped open.

Dr Osama Makkia, the unphased hero in all of this, spent 20 minutes scraping remaining pus out of the Syrian patient's obscene growth.

He believes it was spawned from poverty and bad dental health.

He said: "This abscess was very large and if it hadn't of been drained, it would have got bigger and bigger.

Credit: Caters

"The man felt some pain while I was removing the abscess because of the inflammation around it.

"But unfortunately, abscesses are very common and I have done several similar procedures in the past. And I predict this won't be the last."

This is just the beginning? Is this how it ends? Not with a bang but with a pimple pop?

Need a break from that? Why not watch Seth MacFarlane singing Cyndy Lauper songs in the style of his Family Guy creations on The Graham Norton Show.

Video: The Graham Norton Show/BBC

Want more of that, you sick bastard? Why not watch this video of Dr Pimple Popper herself, Sandra Lee, popping a patient's lipoma?

Video: Dr. Sandra Lee/YouTube

Of course that's not as bad. It's gross, but Lee's soothing, reassuring manner helps you through it.

Sandra told Forbes last year that she gets approached thanks to her YouTube fame.

It's crazy," she said. "Popping' is a phenomenon that has hit younger generations, and that generation is the one that's out there. I just think the exposure from social media is stratospheric in comparison to your exposure on a TV talk show, it's like way more. It's amazing.

"I've had people come from London, and I've had people come from Saudi Arabia and from across the country. People have come from Canada for their cysts."

Talking about why she films herself popping anything and everything, Sandra revealed she does it simply because she can monetise the shit out of them.

"You can monetise your videos and it's sort of win-win-win situation. It's good for my patients that have blackheads, because insurance doesn't cover the removal. So, many dermatologists we won't remove them, they say, You have a blackhead there but don't worry about it'. But now, I'll do the extractions for free if my patients let me videotape and use the video. Of course, I make them anonymous and remove anything identifying."

Fair fucks.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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