Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple In New 'Ingenius' Adverts

It could probably be argued that Samsung these days spends more time taking the piss out of Apple than it does actually making phones, but when the results are this funny who cares.

The South Korean tech giant's latest set of Apple-bashing adverts have once again taken aim at the iPhone X and its various setbacks.

Each of the three short adverts focuses on one area in which Samsung eclipses Apple: the headphone jack, the camera and the charger.

Credit: Samsung
Credit: Samsung

Yes, the iPhone X outperforms the Samsung Galaxy S9 in other areas, but let's not let that spoil the fun, eh?

The clips feature a long-haired sales attendant wearing a T-shirt bearing the Apple logo.

Customers come to him with queries about the iPhone X, to which he responds with inadequate advice that makes the S9 look infinitely better by comparison.

In the first clip, a man approaches the store attendant and asks if he can still use his headphones with the new iPhone model.

The attendant then offers him a longwinded explanation, saying that he can but he'll have to use an adapter (or dongle) and that if he wants to charge his phone and listen to music at the same time he'll need to 'double dongle'.

"That sounds explicit," the customer replies.

Another clip features a woman who wants to know whether or not the new iPhone comes with a fast charger.

"No...but you could just buy a USB C to Lightning cable and then also get the fast-charging adapter. Should do the job," the attendant responds.

In the last ad, a man is enquiring about the iPhone X's camera.

"Better than the Galaxy S9?" he asks.

"Hmmm. You've been reading DxO mark scores, haven't you?" answers the attendant.

"Why, is the Galaxy S9 rated higher?" the customer asks.

The attendant responds: "Technically, according those scores..."

The customer butts in: "Do you believe in those scores?"

"I believe in this," replies the attendant pointing to the Apple logo on his chest.

It's far from the first time Samsung has poked fun at the Californian phone market dominator.

When the iPhone X was first released, Samsung put out an ad showcasing all the ways in which each Samsung release was better than each Apple release, year by year.

Featured Image Credit: Samsung

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