"Nah, forget Trump, I voted Ibra, mate," is one of the many funny things I've heard today regarding the US Election. It's okay for us to joke about it, because us Brits have absolutely no say in what happens over in the States.

We'll obviously get some collateral from Trump's activities over in the White House, but it's not going to have the same impact on us as it will on Americans.

That's why it doesn't really make sense that citizens used their only opportunity to vote on a novelty. Yes, voting for Harambe to run for president is very funny, but when your country's future is at stake, does it make any sense to actually submit a vote for a dead gorilla?

The chances are that all of the rumoured 11,000 people who voted for the fallen hero did it because they didn't think Trump would win.

It was the same with Brexit. Many Brits came forward after voting Leave 'for a laugh', saying they didn't think their vote would matter. You can imagine that those who reportedly pledged their allegiance to Silverback will now be complaining about their new president, completely disregarding that they wasted their chance to make a difference.

There's no confirmed reports that the 11,000 people actually voted for Harambe, but you know what people are like.

Featured image credit: Twitter/PA

Mark McGowan

"Mark McGowan has never made a bad batch of scrambled eggs." - Mark McGowan, 28/09/13

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