Conspiracists Claim Everyone 'Will Be Microchipped By 2017'

First of all, let me tell you that I personally believe this is a load of bollocks. I'm just getting that out of the way early. However, some conspiracy theorists are convinced that microchips are coming sooner rather than later.

It all began seven years ago when NBC did the news report below on 'what life could look like in 10 years'. Check it out, it's actually pretty good.

Credit: NBC

However, as we all know, the internet tends to exaggerate. And this is no different. Someone took the clip and cut it down so it looks legit.

That, coupled with some other odd pieces of 'proof' have been enough to convince some people that microchips are coming next year.

'But what proof?!' I hear you ask. Well, how about a piece of homework that a kid from Florida was assigned? Yeah, this is serious now.

Shaun Hudson posted a status on Facebook of his son's homework question which read: "Imagine you work for a human microchip company.

"The president has given you the opportunity to make a televised speech to the nation.

"What would you say to persuade people to get a microchip?"


Some people have commented things such as: "Why are they setting assignments like this to school kids. Disturbing." Hmm, pretty sure it's a made-up question and has nothing to do with anything - but I digress.

What do you think of human micro-chipping? Obviously it'd be good if you were kidnapped, or went missing, or had amnesia, or... like... if there was a crime you were accused of but you didn't have an alibi? I don't know. Just seems a bit of an Orwellian concept to me.

Featured image credit: PA Images

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay is the Senior Journalist at PRETTY52 but has worked at LADbible Group as part of the LADbible editorial team since 2015. She started her career writing obituaries and funeral guides online. Since then, her work has been published in a wide variety of national and local news sites. She is part of the BBC's Generation project and has spoken about young people, politics and mental health on television, radio and online.

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