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Guy Throws Up While Proposing To His Girlfriend On Plane

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It's one of the most nerve-wrecking moment in a man's life.

But most of the time, we can hold it together. We overcome the tension. Not this guy.

This bloke failed to compose himself and ended up throwing up in front of his girlfriend right after asking her the big question.

In his defence, he can cite motion sickness over pure nerves, as they were in a private plane at the time of the incident.

His initial plan was to show her the question via a huge sign he'd made on the ground.

Fearing his own physical health, the guy then decided to ask her the old fashioned way, with a ring.

At first surprised by the gesture, the woman then becomes concerned when her fella suddenly leans over and wretches his internal organs out.

Still, it was a happy ending. The woman accepted and the guy even uploaded the footage from inside the plane on the internet, in all its gory glory.

It's one for the kids, you can say that much. One for the ages. Most importantly, it's one for LADbible.

All the best, puke guy and woman.

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