Does anyone want to hazard a guess at what would happen in 2039? Will Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump have married in a civil partnership after putting aside their differences?

OK, so that's unlikely, but a time capsule buried 22 years ago in Sydney, Australia, has made some rather chilling, and accurate, predictions.

Placed in the stud wall of a bathroom on Easter Saturday, April 15, 1995, the time capsule predicted an Islamic 'holy war' and the rise of China as a global superpower.

Tradesman Sasha Ilic found the typed letter, sealed in protective plastic, while renovating.

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"Hello whoever you are," the letter begins. It was written by Greg Wilkinson, who was aged 39 in 1995.

The three-page document is written using Word for Windows V5.0 on a 486 Laptop with 8MB RAM and a 240MB hard drive. It's described as a model which is 'near the top of the PC scale right now'. For comparison, a standard 2017 computer has 8GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive.

On the opening page, Greg describes the current situation in Australia, giving the prices of basic commodities like a loaf of bread or a pint of milk, the current political landscape, and a little about the house, too.

As it progresses, the letter states: "Islam will become the next ideological problem sparking an equal and opposite reaction plunging large parts of the globe in a ridiculous 'holy war'.

"Factions within each doctrine will also suffer this holier than thou attitude and this war will go on for a very long time."

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Following the 9/11 attacks in 2001, it's fair to say, sadly, that Greg's predictions have become correct in this sense, with the UK and America invading Afghanistan in 2003.

Today, with terror attacks across the world, this 'ideological problem' still rages on.

In economics, Greg stated: "China will semi democratise, gear up as a world economic super power and then look out! America will be their largest trading partner and if they decide they would like some more space, I suspect Australia could become their target."

Although China has made no attempt to target Australia (yet) there can be no doubt in the growth of the country as an economic heavyweight. In 1995, it ranked eighth, behind Italy, Brazil, the UK, France, Germany, Japan and the US.

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

China now has the second biggest economy of any country, according to the International Monetary Fund.

He didn't get everything right, though. He spoke about how the internet is a rapidly growing trend and that people have a desire to 'surf' the web. Greg added: "Please tell me this expression has now died." - That's not the case.

Greg also lost the ultimate prediction to his wife about when the time capsule would be discovered. She predicted 2020, but Greg responded: "I built the wall, and I reckon closer to 2060." 1-0 to the wife.

Now aged 61, Greg has been discovered on social media - after somebody had 'surfed' the internet and found him on Facebook.

He wrote online: "Who would have thought back then that (Facebook) was how it would be exposed,'

'At first when I saw the letter up on Facebook I felt a little violated... Then having thought about it and with the predictions it really highlighted the progress of the internet in 22 years and, without it, how would they ever have found me?"

A time capsule, providing a decent amount of time has passed between burial and digging it up, can provide a great look into the past.

However, when the Blue Peter one was recently dug up 33 years early, it still provided us with some great '90s nostalgia.

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