Mysterious Loud Booms Heard Across Globe Leave Scientists Baffled

Oh, great, the world is ending again. Can we not just go one bloody day without the world ending?

Yes, according to people all across the globe, a terrifying boom sound, loud enough to shake houses, is spreading like wildfire. Nobody is sure what's causing it, but one thing's for sure, it's probably not anything good.

The bone-rumbling noise has been heard mostly off the east coast of America, but there have also been reports this year in several parts of Australia, Denmark, France and, perhaps even more worryingly, right here in the UK.

supersonic aircraft
supersonic aircraft

Could it have been caused by a supersonic aircraft? Experts don't thinks so. Credit: PA

Stunned locals across Wales and England reported hearing the chilling sound in 2017, while last year it was heard throughout the Middle East and further afield too.

In total the sound has been heard in 64 global locations during 2017, leaving top scientists scratching their heads in confusion as to what could be causing it.

The Birmingham National Weather Service tweeted: "Loud boom heard: we do not see anything indicating large fire/smoke on radar or satellite; nothing on USGS indicating an earthquake."

Confusing stuff to say the least.

So far, possible explanations suggested have ranged from sonic booms from supersonic aircrafts to meteorites exploding in the atmosphere. However, none of these account for why the mysterious noise is being heard all over the world.

Even the boffins over at NASA are having trouble explaining it.

Most recently the chilling sound was heard in Alabama earlier in the week.

The sound was nicknamed the 'Bama Boom' and was said to have left houses shaking and windows rattling.

Baffled residents took to Twitter to tell the world what they had heard.

Among all the potential explanations, one local observed that it might have been Eleven from Netflix's Stranger Things, opening up the portal to the Upside Down. Thankfully, that seems pretty unlikely given that the hit show wasn't a documentary.

In May, it was Wales' turn, with the noise being reported all over Abergavenny.

Speaking to the Abergavenny Chronicle, one resident said: "It nearly gave me a heart attack, it was that loud.

"At first I thought it was a shotgun blast or a firework, but it was way too loud for that. It sounded more like a tank going off.

"My husband said it was probably mini meteors colliding with the earth, but have you ever heard such nonsense?"

Neither the Welsh boom, nor any of the others, have had a satisfactory explanation. So, for now, we'll just continue to assume it's the sound of the four horsemen approaching.

Words: Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Gill/Creative Commons

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