Flight Attendants Have Their Arms Behind Their Backs As You Get On The Plane To Help Count

Most of us probably assume that flight attendants are there to serve us drinks and food when we're heading away on holiday.

Which they do, of course. But cabin crew actually serve a much more important role.

Because while they do serve us peanuts and beer and weird tasting meals, first and foremost they're actually there for our safety.

Not only are they responsible for your life at 35,000 feet , they're also trained to deliver babies onboard and in hand-to-hand combat.

They know how to survive extreme conditions in case things go really wrong and you end up in an Alive-type situation, and also know exactly what to do if a fire breaks out while you're up in the air.

Of course, most of the time - thankfully - none of that ever comes into play. But there is one small thing that flight attendants always do every time you fly.

Maybe you've noticed it, maybe you haven't, but next time you step on a plane, look where their arms are when they greet you.

We guarantee that, as you board, one of the cabin crew will have their arms behind their backs.

Why, you ask? It's certainly not because it's more comfortable. Nor are they doing weird stretching exercise ahead of the flight. They're actually hiding something from you - a special counter.

It makes sense - obviously they need to know how many passengers are on the plane and whether that corresponds to the number of tickets.

But counting in your head or your fingers? That would get messy way too quickly.

So they employ the same trick as bouncers at nightclubs, clicking you off as you walk in with a friendly smile and a hello, reports Bright Side.

They don't have to remember the numbers, and it makes for a much more accurate headcount - especially on busy flights.

Which is pretty much every flight these days, if we're honest.

Anyway, next time you jet away somewhere for a couple of weeks, check it out for yourself when you're on the plane. You'll never not notice it again.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Mark McGowan

Mark is a journalist at LADbible, who joined in 2015 after a year as a freelance writer. In the past he blogged for independent football fan channel Redmen TV, after graduating from Staffordshire University with degrees in journalism and English literature. He has worked on campaigns such as UOKM8? and IIOC.

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