The lingerie model planning to sell her virginity has claimed a businessman has offered her £1.7million.

Eighteen-year-old Aleexandra Khefren from Bucharest, Romania, has said she has dismissed the threats of disownment handed down by her family in order to go through with the bid.

Aleexandra had already revealed her plan but now there is said to be even more money on offer. The proposal is part of a 'competition' held by German escort agency Cinderella Escorts - which plans to take a 20 percent cut of the £1.7mil.

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The website writes: "The date takes place in Germany. The buyer can choose a hotel here, where Aleexandra will visit him for a night.""We will go to a hotel in Germany, have dinner and then it will happen," Aleexandra added.

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"I am very curious about how sex is. I have not experimented. I don't know what is it (sic)." That's kinda how I feel about Vietnamese food. Where's my fucking money?

By the way, I'm gonna have to ring Aleexandra up and go over the concept of 'anonymity' and 'confidentiality'. I'm so embarrassed.

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