Weird Viral Picture Of Woman At The Gym Is Confusing Everyone

What makes something go viral? There's no real recipe for it, it just happens. It's like capturing lightening in a bottle.

Look at Trash Dove. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but people fucking love it. Or did. Is that a dead meme yet?

Bring back Salt Bae.


Anyway, this picture has appeared on the Internet and confused everyone.

It's a woman sat on a piece of equipment (don't ask me which one, I haven't a clue) at the gym. But wait... hold the phone. What's going on with her feet?!

There's a few options here:

  • It's been Photoshopped
  • She's extremely flexible
  • She's in extreme pain and needs a doctor

A few people have suggested that it's all to do with mirrors, but I have no idea what they mean by that. Her feet are clearly pointing in the wrong direction.

What do you all reckon?

Another Leg-Based Illusion

Have a look at this, mate, and tell me what you see...

A pair of bare legs covered in clingfilm or some shit, right?


The original image was re-tweeted more than 20,000 times and everyone on the Internet went crazy over it, because it's not all that it seems.

It turns out that the optical illusion is caused by well-placed streaks of paint, which makes the legs look like they're covered with oil or clingfilm, or something like that.

As the tweet says, once you see it you can't unsee it.

Credit: Twitter

It's paint.

If you still can't see the paint then I guess there's no hope for you.

What do you see? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay is the Senior Journalist at PRETTY52 but has worked at LADbible Group as part of the LADbible editorial team since 2015. She started her career writing obituaries and funeral guides online. Since then, her work has been published in a wide variety of national and local news sites. She is part of the BBC's Generation project and has spoken about young people, politics and mental health on television, radio and online.

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