10ft Crocodile Crawls Out Of Sea Onto Popular Tourist Beach

You've been at the beach all day, minding your own business... you're a couple of ice lollies in and life couldn't get much better. In fact, a quick dip in the sea would sort you right out.

Well, that is until a huge crocodile comes wading out. That's your cue to turn around and get the hell outta there. Or alternatively - go over, get way too close, and take a video.

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

This is what happened in Miri, Malaysia, when this 10-foot reptile casually emerged from the sea onto a popular beach full of tourists.

The massive croc can be seen walking across the beach, making its way from the sea further onto the sand.

The animal - reportedly three metres (9.8 feet) in length - sprints away from the man filming, proving itself to be a nippy little thing. Well, ok, maybe not 'little' so much as 'TERRIFYINGLY ENORMOUS'.

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

The daredevil filming is reportedly named Henry, 23, and in the clip he follows the animal around.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the crocodile doesn't seem best pleased with brave old Henry, as it's then seen opening its powerful jaws in defence.

The crocodile then lies still on the sand for a short while several onlookers film the bizarre scene.

Reports suggest some beach goers had seen the reptile swimming in the sea but had confused it with a monitor lizard. Yeah, we're all forever getting the two mixed up... C'mon, that'd have to be some lizard.

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

Local media report many beach-goers had run away from the area when the crocodile appeared, which is almost certainly how most people would react.

But inevitably no lives were lost and there were no grizzly scenes of the croc chowing down on anyone in attendance - not even a Crocodile Dundee-style bit of roughhousing. Nope, Henry told local media that the crocodile returned to the sea after lying still on the sand for a short while.

Local social media pages were reportedly inundated with messages from people who were concerned for visitors' safety at the beach.

Law Poh Kiong, the spokesman for the Miri Fire and Rescue Department Chief, said that no official complaints had been received regarding the incident.

Well, that's a relief.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

Rebecca Shepherd

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