Crocodile Left Bleeding After Zoo Visitors Threw Rocks At Him

Visitors at a Chinese zoo pelted a one-tonne crocodile with rocks until he bled in a bid to see whether he was real or not.

In the video, which was filmed at the China-Africa Wildlife Zoo in Xiamen, a coastal city in East China's Fujian Province, he can be seen bleeding from wounds to his head and foot.

The attack on the 37-year-old saltwater crocodile, named 'Xiao He', happened on 31 October.

Xiao He is believed to be Asia's largest croc, weighing 1,250kg (2,755lbs) and measuring 5.8 metres (19 feet).

He was struck after a group of tourists began throwing rocks at the reptile to see whether he was real or not.

As Xiao He didn't move in his enclosure, it is believed the group suspected that he was a model and tried to verify this by throwing rocks at him.

They finally stopped and left after Xiao He's head started to bleed.

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

Xiao He's caretaker, Zhang Xiang, told the Mirror: "Our crocodile was already bleeding when we arrived to investigate, then we saw the large rock nearby.

"We drained the water [from its pool] and began treating him. It'll take another 10 days to half a month for him to recover."

He added: "Some tourists throw stones or poke it with sticks. We will do more to protect our animals, but I feel it has to start with the tourists themselves."

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

As saltwater crocodiles are endangered, the tourist culprits technically broke the law.

Police have received a report from the zoo and they are searching for those responsible now, however since the zoo was still in a trial run and had not installed security cameras, it has made tracking difficult.

Apparently tourists can take photographs with the huge croc for 20 RMB (£2).

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, said in a statement: "If you happened across it in the wild, would you treat it the same way?

"The zoo's 'Crocodile King' Xiao He was pelted with rocks weighing over 2lbs until it bled from its head.

"Wild animals belong in the wild, but we use them as photo props for our entertainment.

"We urge the zoo to release Xiao He into an environment that matches his natural needs - away from the teasing and harm of tourists."

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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