Dog Left In 30C Car For Three Hours Whilst Family Visit Sea Life Sanctuary

A family left their dog in a 30C car for more than three hours whilst they visited Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary.

The poor old dog was discovered by workers at the Sea Life Sanctuary stuck in the vehicle in the car park.

One of the staff, curator Lyndsey Crawford-Darwell, managed to spray a bit of water onto the unfortunate animal through a back window that was cracked slightly open, but - despite several announcements being made over the public address system - no one came forward to rescue the dog.

Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary
Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

However, the family arrived back at their car just before the police were about to break their car window to free the poor thing. Staff said that they arrived in the nick of time and 'tried their very best to justify the situation'.

Speaking to The Sun, Lyndsey said: "Things got very heated" - great choice of phrasing there - "because we told the lady she was in the wrong, and I still believe she is.

"We stayed with the car for over an hour and put out announcements but no one came out. We've had things like this happen before but people normally hear the announcements and come outside really apologetic.

"If the dog was in a worse state then I would have smashed the window myself and taken a prosecution. It made me feel extremely angry.

"I have a 14-year-old dog called Selkie and I would never do anything like this. Dogs carry 10 degrees more body heat than we do. It's like sitting in a hot car in a sleeping bag, anyone would feel sick after that."

After the incident, the Sea Life Sanctuary shared an angry message on Facebook, warning future visitors off bringing their doggo along with them.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The message read: "DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN YOUR CAR! Not for any length of time and especially not during summer months.

"We don't let dogs into SEA LIFE Scarborough so please ensure you arrange suitable care for your dog if you intend to visit us.

"There is absolutely NO excuse and NO justification. You should NEVER leave your dog, or any other creature, in a hot car.

"Thankfully, the dogs breathing rapidly decreased following being doused in water and being released from the car. The police will be in contact with the owners.

"We will regularly be monitoring our car park throughout summer and we will not hesitate to call the police on any cars with creatures inside.

"Having a dog means you have a duty to be responsible."

According to the RSPCA, dogs should not be left in hot cars, even with the window slightly ajar. If you see a dog in clear distress, call 999.

Featured Image Credit: RSPCA

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