Dog Narrowly Escapes Death After Man Rescues Her From A Slaughterhouse

Faith in humanity has been restored as the footage of a man saving a terrified pooch from becoming dog meat in Cambodia.

The shocking footage shows the horrors inside a Cambodian dog meat slaughterhouse where a family pet narrowly escaped death after being snatched to settle a family debt.

Mongrel Noun, a seven-year-old dog, was taken by a slaughterhouse owner after her owner borrowed £2,600 to pay off gambling debts.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

An animal activist, called Michael Chor, runs charity The Sounds of Animals and was contacted by Noun's family to help save her before she was killed for meat.

Michael then travelled from Thailand to Cambodia and found her chained to a fence and tied inside a plastic bag in the slaughterhouse.

In harrowing video Noun's fate at the slaughterhouse was evident after Michael returned to the market hours later to find hundreds of the dogs she was caged among had been slaughtered.

His horrifying clips and images show the disembodied remains of the skinned, butchered and boiled animals being sold, casually, to the market-goers.

Thankfully, it was a happier ending for Noun.

She made a full recovery and heart-warming footage shows the pooch happy and healthy before setting out on a journey across the world to be adopted by new owners.

During her time at the slaughterhouse Noun's teeth had been broken to stop her from biting any of the slaughterhouse workers.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

This is said to be a common practice, along with keeping the animals malnourished and dehydrated.

Noun was given vitamins, calcium and antibiotics for an infection and will also be microchipped and receive all her necessary injections once she was rescued.

Frenchman Michael, a former doctor, said: "Noun was a family pet and was very much loved by the children in the family.

"She had lived with the family her whole life and when we had Noun we rang them to let them know she was safe.

"The children were crying with joy, that their beloved pet had not been killed.

"The slaughterhouse was filthy, it was covered in dog body parts all over the floor, there was staff chopping up dogs, boiling dogs, and their bodies being thrown on the floor.

"They were killing and processing hundreds of dogs a day and the live dogs were kept in a cage at the back of the slaughterhouse, awaiting their fate.

"It smelt of death. It was worse than hell."

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

Michael was able to raise the cash needed to free Noun, whose name means 'sit under the sun', in just 24 hours after his followers made donations.

He said: "When I took Noun out of the bad she was frozen with fear.

"She still had her collar and lead on, the lead was used to tie her to the wall, so she was unable to move at all. Her teeth had been broken so she couldn't bite anyone.

"They opened the vet especially to take Noun in and she was given pain relief.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

"She will stay with the vet in Cambodia for one week and will be given all necessary care.

"Hopefully she will get a forever home."

Despite being traumatized by the discovery of the other disemboweled animals when he returned to the market, Michael said he was forced to keep his cool because the market is run by dangerous criminals.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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