Fearless Dog Stands Up To Leopard After Attempted Attack In Forest

You know sometimes when you just want the attention to be solely on you for a moment? Whether you're tearing it up on karaoke or just have a really hilarious story to tell your mates - we've all been there.

Then you realise that no one's listening or paying attention because someone else has already performed a 'better' song (what's better than Alanis Morissette, we might add?) or they're telling a 'funnier' tale, just trying to one-up you.

Kind of like what happened to this dog in India - the pooch was minding its own business before a safari full of tourists showed up on the scene.

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

The dog probably felt this was a good time for a little showing off, and went on to lay down, basking in the attention - until a pesky leopard came along and stole all the glory.

The stand-off between the two animals happened at Jhalana Safari Park near Jaipur, Rajasthan in India.

The people visiting the safari park spotted a young leopard stalking the dog from behind the bushes. As they kept their cameras ready the leopard pounced towards the dog.

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

Caught by surprise, and probably fearing for its life, the dog launched a counterattack. I suppose it's fight or flight in a situation where you're the 'prey', and anyway, no one runs from a leopard.

The dog started barking continuously, a little like some people we know if they're overshadowed despite giving their best rendition of 'Sweet Caroline'.

The two-year-old female leopard, named 'Juliet' by forest officials as a result of the big cat frequenting the area, looked baffled. She stood for some time looking intently at the dog before walking away, clearly disappointed.

The dog continued to bark at the retreating leopard, though, keeping its tail tucked in between its hind legs. In fact, even when Juliet seemed to have completely disagreed, this fearless canine continued to shout what we can only imagine (and hope) to be the dog equivalent of very strong expletives.

A forest official said: "Juliet left quietly as there were visitors in jeeps behind the dog. If not, it is unlikely that the dog would have survived the encounter."

They say this as though Juliet was keeping in mind the thoughts and feelings of all the tourists. Now, I'm no expert on the body language of other species, or anything, but it does look for all the world like she was just shit scared of a stray dog.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

Rebecca Shepherd

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