Gigantic 500lb Shark Caught By Fisherman Off The Coast Of Cornwall

A gigantic shark weighing more than 40st has been caught off the coast of Cornwall.

The shark - a porbeagle - measures in at more than eight feet long and was hooked on Saturday by fishermen Ross Needs and Dan Hawkins.

When they finally landed their catch, they weighed it in at around 500lbs.

The porbeagle shark is a relation of the much-feared great white shark, and this one - a huge female - took hours for the pair to eventually reel in.

The gigantic shark. Credit: Reel Deal Charters
The gigantic shark. Credit: Reel Deal Charters

Mr Hawkins, who runs a boat fishing tour company called Reel Deal Chartered, said: "It was a huge fish - one of the biggest we've had. It was a two-hour fight to reel it in.

"Hopefully there will be bigger to come."

Don't worry, though. After it was caught, the fish was safely released back into the wild. OK, it was dragged out of its natural habitat and wrestled with for two hours, but that's all over now and the majestic creature is free to roam around the shores of the UK again.

Let's hope it doesn't hold a grudge against humans following the ordeal.

It's a big 'un, that's for sure. Credit: Reel Deal Charters
It's a big 'un, that's for sure. Credit: Reel Deal Charters

To be fair, porbeagles aren't known for being aggressive to humans. In actual fact, they feed mostly on mackerel and other small fish and can be found pretty much anywhere in the vast North Atlantic ocean and across the Southern Hemisphere too.

There have only been three recorded attacks that have been attributed to porbeagles. According to the International Shark Attack File none of those attacks was fatal and one of them was provoked.

If you're provoking an eight-foot-long shark, you probably deserve whatever is coming to you.

That said, hobby and sport fishing has meant that numbers of the porbeagle are waning in recent times.

Shark fishermen around the UK's waters often find themselves reeling in large sharks such as this one - the story here is that this one was particularly large, even by their standards.

Credit: Reel Deal Charters
Credit: Reel Deal Charters

On Monday, fishermen from the very same boat caught another porbeagle, but this one was about half the size.

Still, reeling in a 250lb shark is no mean feat. That's still way more than the average human being weighs.

The porbeagle shark is actually capable of growing to even bigger than this one. They have been observed at around 12 feet long, weighing in at 600lbs.

Despite that, they still need a bit of protection if they're to bounce back in the wild. As long as people keep throwing them back, then.

Featured Image Credit: Reed Deal Charters

Tom Wood

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