'The World's Largest Cow' Is Neither A Cow, Nor Particularly Large

Remember we told you about Knickers, the utterly gigantic cow that became Internet famous the other day after photos emerged of him among his herd in Australia?

Well, forget it all. According to experts - who would know this sort of thing - he is neither a cow, nor particularly large. Confused? You're not alone.

First off, there is no doubting that Knickers is an absolute unit. He's bloody huge, in fact. However, experts say that it is worth considering the fact that he is a specific breed of cow - a Holstein, since you've asked - that is normally massively larger than the other cows in his herd.

So, that means that while he is still a big boy, the comparison to the other cows he was pictured with is not fair. It's like standing a basketball player amongst a field of jockeys. Of course, he looks massive.

Also, he's a damn sight older than the other cows pictured - they're about a year old, whereas Knickers is seven. Stand next to your baby brother and take a picture - nobody will be saying how big you've gotten.

Knickers the gigantic cow - sorry - 'steer'. Credit: PA
Knickers the gigantic cow - sorry - 'steer'. Credit: PA

Craig Heckman, a dairy farmer from Ashburton, New Zealand, told the Independent: "Steers are usually destined for slaughter by the age of three.

"So, at seven he's had time to pack on an awful lot of weight."

There's a word in there that is a bit confusing, but leads us on to the second contention. He's not actually a cow - he's a 'steer'.

Despite the fact that they all look like cows to our untrained eyes, only female cattle who have had at least one calf are called cows in the business.

Steers are the name for castrated males. Knickers had his knackers cut off, therefore he's a steer and not - as you would think to look at him - a cow.

Knickers is neither a cow, nor particularly large. Credit: PA
Knickers is neither a cow, nor particularly large. Credit: PA

Remember we spoke about him being a Holstein before as well? Well they are a particularly large breed of cattle. Knickers is 6"4. That's huge, but by Holstein standards it is only just above average. The poor wagyu cattle around him are only tiny by comparison.

Knickers isn't complaining - despite the fact that they lopped his bollocks off - because his size has actually been helpful to him. Because he is so big, he couldn't be sent to slaughter. He just wouldn't fit through the processing machine. Every cloud, and all that.

There you have it - you're now an expert on cattle denominations and recognising the different types of cattle. Don't say we never teach you anything worthwhile.

Incidentally - it's a fucking cow. Don't @ me.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Tom Wood

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