'Largest Chicken In The World' Settles Down With Two Hens

Another day, another video of an enormous animal sending the world into meltdown. This time, it's the turn of a colossal cockerel, which is believed to be the biggest in the world. Lucky guy.

Named Merakli (I'd have called him Donald), the giant cock who lives on a farm in Kosovo, stands at 3ft tall and weighs in at 7.7kg - more than two stone heavier than the average bird of his kind.

The larger than life Brahma chicken first made waves in 2017 when he became an internet sensation after a video of him strolling around his pen went viral, shocking viewers the world over.

At the time, viewers couldn't believe what they were seeing, with many claiming it to be a hoax, and even suggesting it was a man in a suit.

The large bird stands at an impressive three ft tall. Credit: NewsDogMedia
The large bird stands at an impressive three ft tall. Credit: NewsDogMedia

But according to the bird's owner, Fitim Sejfijaj, Merakli's single days are over after he revealed it has finally settled down with two hens.

In an interview published on The Sun's website, the owner said his cock is 'a very loving and happy bird'. Oi oi.

He said: "He has two hens with him and is very well treated."

Brahma chickens are a large breed of chickens, which were developed in the United States from birds originally imported from the Far East - with the average weight of a Brahma cockerel reaching just 5.5kg.

This isn't the first massive animal to hit the news. Earlier this week, the world was stunned when footage of 'Knickers' the cow went viral.

Credit: NewsDogMedia
Credit: NewsDogMedia

Standing at 6ft 4inches tall and weighing an ungodly 220 stones, the steer's owner told media that he gets through 30kg of grass per day.

Footage released by Australian media shows the gentle giant roaming around with the rest of the herd, which he towers above.

But unlike the rest of his mates, he will be allowed to live out the rest of his days on the plains of Western Australia, as they can't bring themselves to slaughter him.

Owner Geoff Pearson said: "It was too heavy. I wouldn't be able to put it through a processing facility. So I think it will just live happily ever after."

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, he added: "He was always a standout who stood above the rest. We kept him on because we thought he had potential to be a big steer but never imagined he'd grow to be this huge.

"Whenever you want to know where your cattle are you just cast your eye over the paddock and you can't miss him."

Featured Image Credit: News Dog Media

Dominic Smithers

After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in French and History, Dom went onto gain an NCTJ journalism qualification. Since then he has worked as a reporter at the Manchester Evening News and the Macclesfield Express, covering breaking news, court, sports, and politics.

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