There's a reason that people use the phrase 'curiosity killed the cat', and it's not because 'curiosity' is the nickname for a new drug.


Cats are always getting into trouble by poking their whiskered heads into stuff they shouldn't, whether it's glasses, boxes or our bedrooms while we're trying to sleep.

But it turns out that the rule applies to bigger cats too, as one lion paid the price for being a bit too greedy by getting its head stuck in a food bucket.

In footage filmed in 2015, zookeepers at a zoo in Eindhoven left meat in a green container for lions to feast on, filling the bucket with food while the lion enclosure was empty.

You can't keep lions away from food for long, of course, so once the lions were let back into the enclosure they immediately took an interest in the meat-filled bucket.

The lions quickly scranned their way through the majority of the food, but with some leftovers staying stubbornly at the bottom, one lion was a bit too greedy and stuck his head in the barrel through a hole in the side.

However, in his attempt to get the last few bites, the lion quickly realised that he had got his head trapped and began thrashing his head around in an attempt to free himself.

The lion whacked the container against trees and into the ground, but his plastic prison refused to budge.

Meanwhile, the other two lions had begun to chase him around and put their paws on the bucket - and watching the clip, this looks like an effort to help him out. They were probably more interested in the food, tbh.

Like all good friends, the lion's mates quickly got bored of their trapped pal and went back to mooching about, leaving the poor animal to wander blindly around the enclosure.

Staggering like a LAD who's had a few too many, the footage shows the lion making a few more futile attempts to get the container off using the walls of the enclosure, in between spells of lying down.

The poor lion looked pretty knackered and maybe even resigned to his fate - with a crowd of people watching on, you'd probably have been embarrassed too, if you were him.

Thankfully a vet later came and freed the lion, who lived to eat another day.

I'm willing to bet that he's been sticking to smaller portions since then.

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