Charles Bronson’s Wife Pictured With Fake Tattoo Of Husband's Famous Mustache

Go back 18 months ago, and the most peculiar love story of the year was all over the papers. Charles Bronson, born Michael Gordon Peterson, the notorious armed robber cum bare knuckle boxer and best known as a trouble-making jailbird, was fully in love with former Coronation Street actress Paula Williamson, serenading her with smooth Frank Sinatra lyrics as he proposed, the old charmer.

Charles Bronson is a notorious jailbird. Credit: PA
Charles Bronson is a notorious jailbird. Credit: PA

Of course, Bronson is known to be a guy who likes to do it his own way (Sinatra pun there for anyone in the mood for that), and his love and marriage (coughs loudly) with Williamson is set to be short-lived, reportedly vowing to divorce the former actress after an image emerged of a man with his head between her breasts during a holiday in Tenerife around three weeks ago.

After this, she put on Twitter that she expected Bronson to find the funny side, stating: "Charlie would be surprised if I didn't. He knows I'm a flirt and loves me for it," though he took a particularly dim view.

Williamson previously went on TV to say how happily married she was.

Now it has been claimed that instead of trying to reconcile with Bronson, she instead went out on the lash in Brighton at a pride parade, writing 'bastard' on her arm, a bit like you do when you're 14, and posed in a toilet, all while wearing a big purple wig and large sunglasses in an apparent attempt at a disguise (those colour schemes never worked well for the Joker to remain incognito in the past).

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

As reported by the Daily Star, she allegedly wrote "Ya bastard" on her arm and drew his signature handlebar moustache in a dig at him.

One person told the Star: "She said she was out to have a good time and she did.

"She was sat in a portaloo in a garage forecourt simulating a sex act with another woman.

"It wasn't the most classy thing you've ever seen."

The same source also said she had been drinking all day which, to be honest, isn't exactly a crime.

She has since taken to Twitter to completely refute the claims:

Now going by the name of Charles Salvador because of his love for surrealist artist Salvador Dali, her 65-year-old husband has been making art for the past 20 years, as well as having 11 books published, and most recently he auctioned off some of his artwork to help with the treatment of a child with cerebral palsy. He has also set up the Charles Salvador Art Foundation, allowing the promotion of artwork for those who are troubled and/or underprivileged.

He was jailed for petty theft in 1974 for seven years and once released went on to commit crimes involving hostage situations, for which he received a life sentence.

Although normally he would have been released by now, a series of violent acts and attempted hostage situations in prison has meant he has been in jail for 42 years of his life, nearly two-thirds of it.

Of himself, he has stated: "I'm a nice guy, but sometimes I lose all my senses and become nasty. That doesn't make me evil, just confused."

Although his philanthropist ways would suggest he is turning away from violence, he reportedly recently attacked the deputy governor at HMP Wakefield back in January, even though he promised his wife that his days of violence were over.

It was at this prison where the attack allegedly took place. Credit: PA
It was at this prison where the attack allegedly took place. Credit: PA

Paula Williamson is his third wife - his first was Irene Kelsey from 1971-76 (he was first incarcerated in 1974), and Fatema Saira Rehman from 2001-05.

The movie, Bronson, starring Tom Hardy, is dedicated to his life.

Words Patrick Hulbert

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