Eric Cantona Shares Video Of Man Cracking Egg With Erect Penis

Eric Cantona was never an ordinary footballer, on or off the pitch.

While most put in the yards and mumble out the same old platitudes in their post match-interviews, King Cantona was pulling off audacious chips and rambling on about seagulls and trawlers... and karate kicking fans in the face.

Yes, Frenchman Eric Cantona has always been somewhat unpredictable.

However, even for him, sharing a video of a man cracking an egg with his erect penis is surely a new level.

The video - which he shared on Instagram on the day of the Manchester derby - begins with him staring in trademark steely fashion into the camera. The camera then pans down to some kind of tablet device, and the former Manchester United player then presses play.

What then unfolds is something hopefully none of you have ever seen before.

The lower half of a naked man can be seen - an egg resting on his stomach and his legs pressed tightly together, his penis out of sight.

The man then spreads his legs and his erect penis flings through the air and cracks the egg.

The camera then pans back up to the still, expressionless face of Eric, who then ends the broadcast.

Eric Cantona has surprised us all, even by his standards. Credit: Instagram
Eric Cantona has surprised us all, even by his standards. Credit: Instagram

... Why, Eric? Why?

We have so many questions.

The main question, is of course, why did you feel the need to share this video with the world? What will Sir Alex think? ... Though this is the second most pressing question if the penis is his. In which case, the most pressing question would be - why did you put an egg on your belly and crack it with your penis, Eric?

The top comment on the video seems to summarise the general reception quite well: "Fucking hell Eric. That is not what I needed to see ahead of the derby."

Cantona has never been afraid to do the unexpected. Credit: PA
Cantona has never been afraid to do the unexpected. Credit: PA

Another added: "What the fuck I just watch. Enough internet for today"

The video has already been viewed more than 200,000 times since it was posted an hour ago, so that's a lot of people who have had their day ruined/made.

So just as seagulls that follow trawlers expect sardines, it seems people who follow Eric Cantona on Instagram should expect to see eggs cracked by penises.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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