Cash Me Ousside Girl Could Be Set To Become A Millionaire

Who would have thought a routine, trashy appearance on a daytime, celebrity psychologist talk show would have reaped such rewards.

Danielle Bregoli hit peak Internet stardom when she coined the now infamous phrase, "cash me ousside, how bow dat."

Relive the 'iconic' moment here...

Credit: YouTube/Dr Phil Show

Back in the day that wouldn't have raised many eyebrows but considering memes are spawned at the drop of a hat - it wasn't surprising when it went viral.

The two aspects that have been surprising however are:

  1. The length this charade has gone on for
  2. The actual wealth Danielle has amassed because of it

Reddit claims a viral meme has an average shelf life of one to two weeks. But this sensation that is Cash Me Ousside girl has lasted for more than six goddamn months.

And she is making absolute bank off it.

Shortly after the 13-year-old graced the Dr Phil show she quickly appeared in Kodak Black's music video Everything 1K. Apparently the video was pulled down from the Internet after Bregoli got into a fight with a passenger on a Spirit Airlines plane.

Danielle and her mum are now apparently banned for life from the airline.

She launched a range of merchandise including clothing, a jigsaw puzzle, a photo ceramic plate (yep) and a fucking blanket, which costs $250. The below example actually got them in hot water with sports brand Champion.

cash me ousside jumper
cash me ousside jumper


cash me ousside blanket
cash me ousside blanket


Riding the absolute wave of 'stardom', the teen is now charging tens of thousands of pounds for public appearances.

The cost for showing up to Rolling Loud Music Festival: £32,000. She's also hosting her 14th birthday at the festival where she's reportedly getting a cut of the ticket sales.

But the teen's biggest pay checks could be coming from social media. As of writing this, Danielle has eight million... MILLION followers on Instagram.

She's given her name and voice to a 'celebrity' endorsement for Fit Tea. A post about the product has been viewed more than nine million times.

Webiste claims celebrities who have a following as big as Danielle's can make up to $100,000 per month on product ads and as much as $50,000 for a single post.

Let that sink in for a second. A 13-year-old, who is famous for a shitty catchphrase, is making some people's annual salary (or two year salary) in a single post.

And if you thought the universe couldn't get anymore depressing, TMZ reports seven production companies have been in touch with the teen's family about setting up a reality TV show.

With all these appearances and potential deals - Danielle could be a millionaire by the end of 2017.

But thankfully, we have some good news below. A cat is more successful.


Grumpy Cat is worth a shitload more

What's happening with that cat that was a massive meme a while back?

grumpy cat
grumpy cat

Credit: PA

Yeah I don't know either but I'm sure the cat and Tabatha are sipping Mai Tais on some amazing beach resort because that feline made millions of pounds.

The cat's grumpy scowl went viral when its owner Tabatha posted a photo of it on Reddit. Since 2014, the cat has raked in $100 million from appearances, modelling, book deals and ads.

I'm sure Grumpy and Tabatha are living with their fortune humbly. Let's just hope Cash Me Ousside girl doesn't reach that level of wealth - I can't bare to picture it!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/WORLDSTARHIPHOP

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