Woman On 'First Dates' Expects Man To Pay For Her Dinner

First dates are hard at the best of times - trying to figure out how to behave and not show how weird you really are is a tricky business.

But let's suppose things have gone well and you haven't said anything to make them cringe or want to jump out of the toilet window. Well done, you've made it! Now you just have one final hurdle to cross: the bill. After dinner this should be a breeze, you always pay for things, how difficult can this be?

But who foots the bill? This is where things get interesting, and as one potential couple on reality show First Dates found, very awkward.

Things got very awkward when he asked his date to split the bill. Credit: Channel 4
Things got very awkward when he asked his date to split the bill. Credit: Channel 4

In a clip shared by Channel 4, the pair seem to have just finished their meal when the waiter comes round and asks how they plan to pay.

This seemingly innocuous question is met with a look of anxiety on the man's face, as he then sheepishly asks his date if she's happy to split it.

Now, the look on her face clearly screams, 'No, I do not want to pay half.'

This awkward game of chicken goes on for what seems like an eternity, with the waiter still stood there, like a bystander witnessing a horrific car crash he can do nothing about.

Eventually they agree to go Dutch but unsurprisingly their romance can't recover from what has just ensued and they agree that perhaps they aren't right for each other.

Even after he has put her in a a cab, she tells the driver: "I would have preferred a man that would pay for my meal, but what can you do?"

Safe to say the video has been met with quite the reaction, as dozens of Twitter users have come to the defence of the man, saying it shouldn't be expected that a man should pay for the meal.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

One person wrote: "I would always offer to pay half. If the date went well and he insisted then I'd let him pay knowing there'd be a 2nd and I'd pay. If the date went badly I'd always insist on paying half. I detest these creatures who expect a free ride."

Another wrote: "This annoyed me how she expected that he should have paid and pulled faces and made comments. I would always offer to pay my half."

A third then added: "I wouldn't mind the man paying but only if I knew I was going to reciprocate the next time. If I knew i didn't want to see him again I would really want to pay for my own and would dislike having my meal paid."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

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