A Ton Of Chocolate Spills Out Onto The Road From Local Sweet Factory

From the moment we saw Willy Wonka's amazing chocolate factory, the idea of edible surroundings have been the dream - and it became a reality for one town, as one of its roads ended up covered in a ton of chocolate.

Roads were blocked off for over two hours in the German town of Westönnen after a delivery tank at DreiMeister chocolate factory overflowed and poured milk chocolate all over the road, spreading 10 metres.

Just imagine that. We all love to over indulge over the festive period so why not a whole road of chocolate to chomp down on? Augustus Gloop would be having a field day, a ton of chocolate and no river to nearly drown in.

The company boss, Markus Luckey, called the incident a 'small technical problem' (a ton of chocolate is a small problem) when talking to German news publication Soester Anzeiger (Soester Gazette).

A Ton Of Chocolate Spills Out Onto Town's Road From Sweet Factory. Credit: Werl Fire Department
A Ton Of Chocolate Spills Out Onto Town's Road From Sweet Factory. Credit: Werl Fire Department

"I'm glad that nothing happened on the bottom line," he said, adding, "it was only a small thing. There was no major damage."

The boss was glad the company didn't have to stop production just two weeks before Christmas- that 'would have been a catastrophe' apparently. Just imagine a chocolate-free Christmas?

With the cold wintery temperatures, the ton of chocolate hardened pretty quickly, and it took a team of more than 25 firefighters to shovel away the giant bar of chocolate - which wasn't that tasty afterwards either because gravel.

Authorities then blasted the chocolate with hot water and flame throwers in order to get the last remains of the sticky mess away.

Though not a common occurrence, a similar incident did happen earlier in the year when an overturned lorry carrying loads of chocolate spilled out, closing a Polish motorway.

Tons of chocolate spill on Polish motorway. credit: PA
Tons of chocolate spill on Polish motorway. credit: PA

A staggering 12 tons of chocolate sploshed over all four lanes, closing the roads for hours.

It may sound like a chocoholics dream, but bulldozers were required to move the hardening chocolate and the driver required hospital attention after ending up with a broken arm.

A senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski of Slupca, from Poland's fire brigade told the Associated Press that trying to clear chocolate can be worse than snow.

Featured Image Credit: Werl Fire Department

Rachael Grealish

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