McDonald's Has Launched An Apple Pie McFlurry And It Looks Amazing

Wether you consider yourself a 20 McNugget kind of guy or a no-frills Quarter Pounder fan, there's nothing quite like the warm satisfaction of a good old Maccy D's.

Come Sunday afternoon when our hungover bodies are craving salty, greasy McDonald's goodness, off we go to satisfy our souls and restore ourselves back to life. It's the perfect weekend ritual.

But after you've scranned your large meal and fizzy drink (or milkshake, if you're feeling really naughty) in about two seconds flat, it doesn't take long before you're thinking about dessert.

Now you're faced with one of fast food's greatest conundrums. Do you opt for the hot Apple Pie or a good old McFlurry?

Credit: Uber Eats Australia
Credit: Uber Eats Australia

The struggle is real for just about everyone. Except of course, if you happen to live in Australia.

Yes people, 'Macca's', as it's affectionately known Down Under, has decided to merge the two classic desserts and present the people of Australia with the ultimate McDonald's sweet treat.

Say hello to the Apple Pie McFlurry. We'll just give you all a second to compose yourselves


The groundbreaking fusion was actually inspired by Uber Eats. McDonalds found that one in four people who order an Apple Pie on the food delivery app also order a Sundae, so one clever sod decided to merge the two desserts together to send us all in to a state of hysteria.

"Here's some sweet news - we've teamed up with McDonald's to give you the first taste of two iconic desserts, combined by popular demand," said Uber Eats on its website.

As you could imagine, the food lovers out there are ecstatic.

One Twitter user wrote: "This is the kinda news I needed to see, saves me so much time having to get a bowl and mix it myself. Fantastic work from Maccies."

"I've been mixing apple pies and McFlurrys for time, next best duo since Batman and Robin," said another.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

The Apple Pie McFlurry will be a miraculous mix of creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with delicious chunks of Apple Pie and smothered in a warm caramel sauce, according to Uber Eats Australia.

The new sensation first started as a promotional deal with Uber Eats, but will become a permanent item on the menu from Wednesday 5 September.

And let me be the one to tell you, the people of Australia have tried it and it's a hit. You can even order EXTRA caramel sauce. It just keeps getting better.

Unfortunately for us, there has been no mention of the Apple Pie McFlurry's arrival in the UK any time soon, but as a nation we can only dream...

Featured Image Credit: Uber Eats Australia

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