Biscuit Fans, Get Excited: A Nutella-Style Oreo Is On Its Way

The ever-expanding range of Oreo flavours is always liable to keep us up at night in anticipation. We've gotten excited about the cookie butter Oreo flavour, the Oreo Creme Egg, the chocolate-covered Oreo... well, you get the point. Their latest drop might just be the one that pushes us over the edge, though.

Youtube junk food channel Wreckless Eating grabbed the scoop that the candy giant is about to release a chocolate hazelnut flavour of the iconic biscuits. That's right, chocolate hazelnut. If the penny hasn't dropped, chocolate hazelnut is the flavour of a certain other favourite of junk food lovers everywhere. That is to say: Nutella.

If the idea of a Nutella-flavoured Oreo doesn't get you racing down to the supermarket in optimistic search of one, then you barely have blood in your veins. The junk food corner of Instagram was immediately awash with the news and users couldn't contain their excitement at the news.

"They can't call them Nutella Oreos, but I can! Nutella Oreos are on the horizon. Timeframe unknown. This is not a joke," wrote junkbanter, one of the biggest sweet treat accounts on the platform, which was met by widespread excitement and no less than 6,300 likes.


Just a few of the many Oreo flavours out there already. JUST A FEW. Credit: PA

"Sweet baby Jesus.... buying 10 packs :joy:," commented nick_young11, while cpet1738 wrote: "STOP it. This is a bigger dream than cookie butter was for me."

Basically, the theme of this being the greatest thing since sliced bread - sorry, cookie butter Oreos - was strong among the Instagram community.

Over on thejunkfoodaisle, one of the biggest junk food-themed Insta account, a.lugo19 wrote: "The cookie butter are the best ones I've ever tried."


Credit: PA

Oreos have form in debuting flavours that very closely resemble other sweets, but don't have the official name on them. Their chocolate covered Oreo bore more than a little resemblance to a Penguin bar and, in fairness, was a tie-in with Cadbury, so at least the choccy bit was on point.

Meanwhile, the photo on the Insta post for the chocolate hazelnut Oreo does show a jar of unnamed chocolate hazelnut spread, so who knows? They could well be aware of the connection that people have been making.

Either way, the Oreo has no arrival date as of yet, but once the Internet wants something, you can guarantee that it will arrive. So we wait, expectantly.

Featured Image Credit: Oreos/PA

Stewart Perrie

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