People Are Divided After Chinese Food Declared Britain's Favourite Takeaway

Chinese has been voted Britain's favourite takeaway food on yet another Channel 5 TV show and it is proving to be more divisive than Brexit.

Seriously, it's like that bloody crisps debate all over again.

Basically, Channel 5 put out a show that asked the British public what they wanted to order in on those nights when you simply can't be arsed to cook.

Sorry, Kebab. It's all about Chinese food, apparently. Credit: PA
Sorry, Kebab. It's all about Chinese food, apparently. Credit: PA

It shouldn't even be this difficult, either. Not only did Chinese takeaway win the vote on Britain's Favourite Takeaway - if you'll excuse the completely intention pun - it battered everything else.

In the end, it got nearly a quarter of the whole vote. That's a decent winning margin.

The pyramid. Credit: Channel 5
The pyramid. Credit: Channel 5

Way back in second place was the Indian takeaway and good old-fashioned British Fish and Chips finished in a distant third.

Trailing behind them was pizza and burgers. Retreating into the distance we had kebabs and fried chicken.

Unlucky, Mr Fish and Chips man. Credit: PA
Unlucky, Mr Fish and Chips man. Credit: PA

As we've established now after years of political back and forth, the British people simply don't know what they want. One thing that they do want is to shout and bawl about what they the other people want because it's not exactly what they ordered.

Interestingly enough, there were a few outliers that you might not expect to appear on the list. For example, bagels were in 11th place and jacket potatoes made the top 20.

Where are these barbarians that are dialling up somewhere to order a baked potato?

Anyway, as you can probably imagine, much of Britain's ire about this list has been taken out all across Twitter. Some folk are demanding a recount, some are arguing that the vote was rigged, or in some way unfair to their particular type of takeaway.

You can have as many burgers as you like, they aren't best. Credit: PA
You can have as many burgers as you like, they aren't best. Credit: PA

It's only a matter of time before someone suggests that we ban takeaway all together until we can agree on one we all like.

Channel 5 are turning this into something of a speciality, actually. You'll remember that they kicked up a storm after declaring Walkers, Doritos, and Pringles the UK's favourite type of crisps.

They've also been trying to decide whether pineapple belongs on pizza.

It does, since you've asked. In a real democracy people can have whatever they want on their pizzas.

Well, expect anchovies - we're not monsters, after all.

Anyway, Chinese takeaways aren't bad, Indian takeaways are fine too, even the folk who voted for sandwiches have a point.

However, we should organise a march from Sunderland to London to stop people from ordering takeaway jacket potatoes.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Tom Wood

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