Pickle Pizzas Might Be The Next Big Food Trend

The marmite of vegetables is having its day and someone decided to go and put a load of them on a pizza. Pickles, or gherkins, or whatever you call them, are famously divisive, with people seeming to either love them or hate them.

Despite their well documented health benefits, they still seem to split opinion, with the majority of the population picking them off their burger and feeding them to that one weird mate that can't seem to get enough.

Then there's the common perception that pregnant women craving them (probably down to lacking electrolytes or sodium, but let's not get scientific).

Credit: The Hunger Diaries/Youtube
Credit: The Hunger Diaries/Youtube

QC Pizza pizzeria in Mahtomedia, Minnesota, has gone one step further and created a pickle pizza pie, and it's absolutely covered in them.

This is either going to look like food heaven or food hell to you, but if you're of the pickle persuasion - I'm not judging - there's a likelihood you're booking a flight to Minnesota as we speak.

Apparently, it's based on a local speciality called 'Minnesota sushi' which is pretty much ham and cheese wrapped around a pickle. If you're into a low carb or keto diet - these might be ideal.

If getting to Minnesota is a bit of a trek, you can make the pizza yourself at home. Firstly, you will need to create a garlic dill sauce and make some crusty dough for the base.

Then, put the sauce on the dough, add a layer of bacon and then a layer of pickles. Sounds delicious...

People on social media, predictably, are a bit torn about what they think.

One guy said: "Pizza with pickles is actually quite good. Not that many of course, but it works. A local pizza place actually did it, and I was quite surprised at how good it was."

Another, diplomatically posted: "I've tried pickles on my pizza and it was really delicious it wasn't smothered and pickles but a few pickles! I thought I wouldn't like it but doesn't hurt to try something once you know! If you don't like it you don't ever have to eat it again."

Someone else, like me, is just baffled at where the love for the fermented veg is coming from, writing: "What's the deal with the pickles?! There have been pickles like atleast forever, but why people are completely in love with them these days and making new pickle foods etc. Where is this all coming from?"

I suppose, don't knock it 'til you try it.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/QC Pizza

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