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This Amazing Easter Egg Is Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

Easter is almost upon us and I am slowly devouring all the Mini Eggs I can get my hands on.

But if you're getting a bit bored of all the chocolate inundating the shops, then there's an alternative that will get your frothing at the mouth.

It's a Cheester Egg. And it's pretty much an edible work of art.

I think we can all get behind this. Although unlike a chocolate egg, you're never going to manage to eat this all in one go. But it would be great for after Easter Sunday dinner.

It's made by cheese fanatic Annem who runs foodie website So Nom Its Wrong and indie cheesemonger Wildes from their award-winning Napier cheese.

Making Cheese Credit: YouTube

So how much is that bad boy going to cost you?

Considering it's a special edition and a limited run, it's extremely reasonable. It only costs £14.95 for a whopping 260g of cheese egg.

I'm not sure I'm ever going to get sick of chocolate Easter eggs, but I can definitely get behind the Cheester.

Credit: So Wrong Its Nom

Annem is so into cheese, that she's working on a cheese advent calendar.

She's got a good few months to get that up-and-running but I'm intrigued and slightly hangry now.

What kind of cheese would be in the calendar? How would you keep the cheese fresh in the calendar over the month of December? Would it be wrapped in some plastic like a mini Mars Bar? Would the pieces of cheese be in the shape of a snowflake?

There's so many questions - I am simply blown away.


Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: So Wrong Its Nom

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