JD Wetherspoon Has Banned Dogs From Its Pubs

Budget pub chain JD Wetherspoon will totally ban dogs from all of its pubs across the country from Monday, September 10.

Last month we learned the devastating news that JD Wetherspoon was set to turn away all four-legged friends from entering its nearly 1,000 pubs because "even well-behaved ones can be unpredictable".

Let it be known that the company did in fact ban pooches back in 1979, soon after the Wetherspoons empire was born. However, it's only now that the rules are being officially enforced.

And yes, even beer gardens are going to be out of bounds for our furry friends. We know - we've got a lump in our throats too.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs will still be allowed in the chain's pubs although owners are advised to bring along 'documentation' to explain the dog's 'purpose'.

The ban will come into play officially from tomorrow.

Wetherspoons spokesman, Eddie Gershon, explained: "Every dog owner thinks their dog is perfect. We welcome a lot of children and families and younger children in particular can be unpredictable around dogs and many are scared of dogs.

"We serve a lot of food. Unfortunately not all owners are diligent over cleaning up dog mess."

Sounds like a classic case of the few ruining it for the many.

Before you get your placards ready to go and infiltrate the JD Wetherspoon HQ, you should know that the company has put its proverbial foot down and is not willing to budge.


An official statement by the company reads: "Please note that Wetherspoon has a policy of not allowing dogs in its pubs, including all outside areas. (Assistance Dogs excepted).

"This policy was introduced shortly after the company was founded in 1979, although in recent years we have allowed a few exceptions.

"After much consultation, we will now be strictly enforcing this policy everywhere. In order to give those affected time to adjust we have set a deadline of Monday, September 10, 2018."

Needless to say, regular 'Spoons dwellers are not best pleased. One Twitter user exclaimed: "Dogs have never been allowed in #Wetherspoons pubs but to ban them from beer gardens and outside spaces as well?! I'm speechless... dogs are far better behaved than the majority of 'Spoons customers." Point well made.

A dog, yesterday
A dog, yesterday

Another wrote, "#Wetherspoons bans dogs from pubs across UK citing children's fears & hygiene excuses. Funnily enough the dog friendly bars I go to it's more likely children making the noise & the mess! Wetherspoons big [middle finger] to a lot of customers."

The problem is, Wetherspoons is a sanctuary in the UK - a place where drink prices stay low and you can grab a burger and a pint at 10am with no judgement on the side. The fact that customers will no longer be granted the joy of enjoying a pint of Brewdog while sitting with their very own brewdog beside them is a travesty and one of life's great pleasures sorely missed.

Woof justice indeed.

Daisy Phillipson

Daisy is a UK-based freelance journalist with too many opinions. She loves everything film and music-related and has a track record writing for Little White Lies, BWRC, and Film Daily. Contact her at [email protected]

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