Woman Finds Entire Loaf Of Crusts In Packet Of Sliced Bread

The end crusts on a loaf of a bread can be a bit divisive - on the one hand, you have the people that embrace the extra bang they get for their buck, but on the other, you have those that feel the crusts simply get in the way of the delicious doughy centre.

Thankfully, though, for every loaf of bread you'll only ever have to contend with two end pieces. No drama, right? Either suck it up for one sandwich or palm them off on someone else.

Well, that wasn't strictly the case for one woman - who opened up her packet of sliced Kingsmill to find not two crusty ends, but a whole loaf of 'em.

Mrs Ganji's unusual loaf of bread. Credit: Timea Ganji/Facebook
Mrs Ganji's unusual loaf of bread. Credit: Timea Ganji/Facebook

Timea Ganji, 41, was trying to make sarnies for her children's lunchboxes ready for a day at school, but was baffled when she made the unusual discovery.

"It's not funny first thing in the morning, when you have half an hour to get the kids to school and there's no time to get another loaf," she told the BBC.

Ganji, who hails from Radcliffe-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, continued: "It just looked like a normal loaf when we bought it.

"Because of the yellow packaging, you can't see it properly. You can see it's sliced, but you couldn't see it is all just crusts.

"Then, in the morning, I just wanted some toast and to make sandwiches and I was just staring at it. I don't really understand how it can happen."

The mum-of-two was so taken aback by her unique loaf of bread that she posted photos of it on Facebook, which prompted friends to comment about all the old wives' tales about why eating crusts can be good for you.

"Maybe I'd like curly hair but I don't want a hairy chest," restaurant owner Ganji said.

"I don't mind eating them. I love baguettes with butter on them, or an end of sourdough or tiger bread, but these ends are not as tasty.

"You can't make sandwiches with them and the kids won't eat them."

That's more like it. Credit: PA
That's more like it. Credit: PA

Hoping to find a way to use up all the crusts, Ganji said she had considered adding them to a meatloaf or turning them into breadcrumbs.

Kingsmill has said it is looking into why Ganji's packet was full of crusts, and has since posted her a 'more conventional loaf'.

The company said its bakeries were enclosed and 'would not allow for a loaf consisting solely of crusts to pass through their strict quality control processes'.

A spokeswoman also said Kingsmill was investigating 'to find out how this particular collection of crusts found its way into Mrs Ganji's shopping'.

Featured Image Credit: Timea Ganji/Facebook

Jess Hardiman

Jess is a journalist at LADbible who graduated from Manchester University with a degree in Film Studies, English Language and Linguistics - indecisiveness at its finest, right there. She also works for FOODbible and its sister page Seitanists, which are both a safe haven for her to channel a love for homemade pasta, fennel (yeah, yeah, I know) and everything else in between. You can contact Jess at [email protected]

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