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Woman Shocked To Find Whole Potato In Her Packet Of Tesco Finest Crisps

Woman Shocked To Find Whole Potato In Her Packet Of Tesco Finest Crisps

A woman was left stunned after finding a whole potato in a packet of Tesco Finest crisps.

Anna Elliott, from Belfast, was attempting to enjoy a boat trip by cracking out the snacks - but as she opened the packet to enjoy them, she was met with a devastating discovery as she pulled out a fist-sized spud.

The cooked spud. Credit: Deadline News
The cooked spud. Credit: Deadline News

The offending sea salt and cider vinegar crisps were bought by Anna's pal Erin Savage, 36, on 1 August in Belfast. The civil servant from Kilclief, County Down, said: "It was my friend Anna who lifted it out of the bag, we had been wondering why the crisps were soggy."

Erin then took it upon herself to construct a light-hearted poem to Tesco, posting on their community Facebook page.

It began:

Hello there Tesco I wonder if you could help
As only there on Friday past my friend let out a yelp.
We were seriously dismayed at what we found
So much so that I near turned the boat around.
Let me set the scene for you to make you understand
We went out on the boat for a row across the sea to find new land.
We had packed a picnic which included something to wet our lips
With the one and only Tesco finest handcooked Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar crisps.
As we pulled up ashore and stepped out of the boat
Little did we foresee what could be hitting the back of our throat.

The group with their crisps/potato. Credit: Deadline News
The group with their crisps/potato. Credit: Deadline News

Erin went on:

Perfectly cooked and covered in flavour
Bet if I bit into it, it would be a taste I'd savour.
Yet I felt compelled to write this poem for you
And share my full spud crisp with the whole world too.

The poem concluded:

But I'm disheartened that i missed out on several crisps worth of goodness
And feel really cheated that my bag held substantially less.
Also what shall I do with this salt and vinegar spud
Do I frame it and cherish it or plant it back in the mud.
Could you imagine how awesome it would be
To grow a sea salt and cider vinegar potato tree.
Tesco I await your response to my desperate plea
Because I worry about what will become of this special spud you see.
Our picnic was railroaded and I'll never get it back
So please make sure in future all the potatoes are well cut in the sack.

Good effort from Erin there.

Tesco responded with poetry. Credit: Deadline News
Tesco responded with poetry. Credit: Deadline News

Tesco didn't disappoint in their reply, as they got back to Erin with some social media bantz - that we can't deny... oh, it's contagious.

Tesco wrote back:

I'm sad you found a potato that had escaped the chop
Now you missed out on its crisps and that could be quite a lot.
If you like to send me details I'll sort this problem out
Your address and email will do for a shout.

They continued:

And can I tell its supplier? if I promise not to nag
That's about it and hope you see, we are really sorry about this poor escapee.

Bravo, folks, bravo.

Anna Elliott posing with her potato. Credit: Deadline News
Anna Elliott posing with her potato. Credit: Deadline News

Of course, Erin didn't stop there (why would she?), bouncing back with:

I'm so glad you could see
How much finding a potato was really annoying me.

In a heartfelt parting comment, she added:

Thank you again for responding to my call,
It was lovely to speak to you, and big hugs to you all.

A spokesperson for Tesco jumped on the bandwagon, adding:

We thank Erin for sharing the story of the rogue potato
It looks quite tasty if we could say so.
Spud aside, we hope you and your friend had a great picnic by the sea
Maybe planting our golden potato will lead to a Tesco finest crisp tree?

Right, that's enough now. Phew.

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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