'Red Dead Redemption 2' Gamer Discovers Townsfolk Reaction After Shooting A Dog

The hotly-anticipated sequel to iconic western Red Dead Redemption has finally been released and it's bigger and better than ever.

Much has been made of its immersive gameplay, with players given a much larger universe to explore, more interaction with other in-game characters, and of course fans were in hysterics when it was revealed that horses' testicles shrived in the cold.

Such attention to detail.

And journalists who managed to snag an early copy of the epic open-world game have been giving 10/10 reviews across the board.

But one fan found out he hard way that with great power comes great responsibility.

When playing the new game Dean Takahashi told venturebeat.com said things 'were going great' at first, but when he began to be chased out of a town by locals he found that advances in the game have gone much further than he expected.

"Things were going great....Until I accidentally shot a dog", he said.

Dean explained: "On more than one occasion, I accidentally pulled the R2 trigger in the PlayStation 4 Pro version, rather than the L2 trigger. In this case, I was supposed to pet the dog, who was sitting on a wooden sidewalk. Instead, I shot it by accident. When I did this, we all screamed in shock.

"After I shot the poor little pooch, I learned animal cruelty was a crime. I was branded an outlaw in the fictional town of Valentine, as people witnessed the event and one of the bystanders ran to get the sheriff. The lawman came over and asked me to leave town.

"I started walking away, but not fast enough. So he started shooting at me. I fired back, and that was another mistake. The crack of gunfire was deafening, and it was all really unnecessary."

CREDIT: Red Dead Redemption 2
CREDIT: Red Dead Redemption 2

But it wasn't just the townsfolk's reaction that was so surprising - the game remembers what players have done in the past.

He added: "I was reborn, but still had a large bounty on my head. At the advice of my fellow Rockstar observers, I went to the post office and pay the bill. So I went there, paid $225, and lifted the bounty. We noticed there were bullet holes in my leather jacket.

"I figured that would be enough. But as I walked through town, the townspeople reacted negatively to me. One said, "We remember what you did." Even though my weapon was holstered, I wasn't welcome at the stable in that town."

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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