Canadian Arrested For Smoking Cannabis Just One Hour After Weed Was Legalised

It was only a matter of time until people took things just one step too far, wasn't it? An hour, to be precise. That's the amount of time it took for one Canadian to get arrested for being high as a kite.

Now, the country's new Cannabis Act - which came into effect at midnight on 17 October - almost certainly won't be repealed in the face of this incident. This isn't like the kids who wouldn't shut up in the cinema, resulting in you all getting chucked out even though you'd spent the last bit of your spending money for the week.

Nope, one person smoking cannabis and driving is not going to ruin the entire weed-smoking experience for everyone else. But y'know, it's still an invitation for others to say 'it was a disaster waiting to happen'.

Winnipeg Police Department in Manitoba, Canada, arrested the man at around 1am after he was found getting high in a car, following the legalisation of the once illicit drug.

Not the smartest move.

Winnipeg Police Service Traffic Division Inspector, Gord Spado, told CBC News: "An hour into legality, and something illegal."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Spado explained that while the cannabis was likely illegally purchased - online sales started at 12:01am and therefore would almost certainly not have been delivered by 1am - no ticket was issued for that.

He added: "It doesn't look like anything was pursued as far as the illicit component of it goes. I think that's just the education piece of our members, knowing where to go with that. It's still new to us, too, right, so we're still learning."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Spado pointed out that it will be difficult for officers to determine whether the cannabis has been legally or illegally purchased. Another challenge will be ticketing people for consuming edibles in vehicles.

He noted: "If somebody has an edible in a car and we can prove it, that's also an offence. Sometimes we can [prove it], sometimes we can't.

"And when edibles are legally produced commercially, then it might be a little bit easier, because there'll be packaging and things like that that might be visible."

The ticket given out to the driver came with a $672 (£400) fine - a pretty expensive day all round then. Hope it was worth it.

Replying to Winnipeg Police Service's post about the ticket, one person said: "Wow....and it sure didn't take long for the potheads to break the law....the future sure looks bright....i can see this happening daily....great work so far Wpg. Police."

Another added: "My guess is police will be waiting outside of dispensers waiting to bust buyers as they get into their vehicles and drive off!" He isn't just a pretty face.

And this user commented: "I am not proud of it but as an example I've been smoking weed and have driven high not all but many times before from when I was 16". Think you might be best advised to change your ways here, mate.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Winnipeg Police Service/Cheech and Chong

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd is a Journalist at LADbible. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a First Class BA in Journalism. Becky previously worked as Chief Reporter at Cavendish Press, supplying news and feature stories to national newspapers and women's magazines.

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