Men Get More Emotional Satisfaction From Bromances Than Romances, Study Finds

There is an old code that goes - bros before hoes.

Happily, you rarely hear it these days. When it was in vogue, it was generally used by guys on a dry patch to try and convince guys with girlfriends to come out and help them pull.

Invariably, these seat-humpers would also eventually give less of a toss about their bros, should they ever be fortunate enough to get a 'ho' of their own.

However, a study has found there may be more truth to the code than you might think. The study, published in Men and Masculinities, indicated that men felt less judged by their bros than their girlfriends.

Participants also felt more comfortable talking about private and emotional subjects with bromantic partners than romantic partners.

The small study indicated that men felt they could be more open with their bros than their girlfriends. Credit: PA
The small study indicated that men felt they could be more open with their bros than their girlfriends. Credit: PA

But before we go extrapolating these findings across all of mankind, it is worth pointing out this was a very limited study. Only 30 men were surveyed, all of which were heterosexual second year university students in the US.

That said, the findings were fairly unanimous. Every participant said they had a 'bromantic' friend with whom there were no boundaries. Indeed, 29 of those surveyed said they had cuddled with a bromantic friend, according to 9GAG.

The words 'cuddled with' feel important here. It is not surprising that most close mates have shared a hug, often as a greeting or a celebration.

But 'cuddled with' paints an entirely different picture. To me that says, lying in each other's arms on a chaise lounge and eating grapes. So is this just a matter of interpretation, or are bros closer than we might think?

Well, most of the participants answers to the survey made reference to the fact they felt more like they could be their real self with their bros.

As one respondent said: "Tim knows I love listening to Taylor Swift and Beyonce, but I keep that quiet [around my girlfriend] because she would judge me. I feel like I have to be more manly around her."

Jeeeeeeez won't you chicks just leave us alone so we can lie around snuggling and listening to Tay-Tay already?

Participants also indicated they would prefer to discuss private matters with their bros.

"If I found a lump on my testicle, I'd talk to [my bromance] rather than my girlfriend," one of the men explained.

Really though mate, you should probably be talking to your doctor about that one.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Jake Massey

Jake Massey is a journalist at LADbible. He graduated from Newcastle University before going to live in Australia and New Zealand for a few years, where he wrote a travel blog. He has previously written for the Eastern Daily Press, Giggle Beats, CALM and Front Magazine. Jake enjoys playing football, listening to music and writing about himself in the third person.

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