NASA Replies To Four-Year-Old Girl With The Sweetest Letter

A little girl who wrote to NASA with a question got the sweetest response from a NASA scientist.

Cyrus Farivar and his four-year-old daughter have quite a love of outer space, including Jupiter's icy moon Europa - to which NASA will soon be sending a probe, to take pictures.

And Cyrus' daughter demonstrated her fascination in a brief message to one of the space agency's scientists.

Credit: Cyrus Fairvar
Credit: Cyrus Fairvar

The message read: "Dear Dr David Williams, My name is [REDACTED]. I was reading about Europa today with my Papa. We have a question for you: how can we help the Europa Clipper take nice pictures of my favorite icy moon? Love, [REDACTED], Age 4 & Cyrus Farivar (aka Papa), Age 36."

You may initially think a huge company like NASA simply wouldn't have time to respond to a small child - but Dr Williams certainly did.

He sent back a two-page handwritten letter which said: "Thank you for writing. I've put in a picture of the Europa Clipper with Europa in the background and Jupiter behind it.

Credit: Cyrus Fairvar
Credit: Cyrus Fairvar

"This was done by an artist but the real thing should look a lot like this. Europa is one of the most interesting objects in the solar system, because even though it is very, very cold that far from the sun (about 300 degrees below zero!), Jupiter helps keep Europa warm.

"As Europa orbits around Jupiter, just like our Moon orbits the Earth, Jupiter is so big it actually has enough gravity to squeeze Europa so Europa goes back and forth.

"Its shape gets flatter, and then stretches out, and this makes a lot of heat inside, and is also probably why the surface ice is all cracked and has those orange lines.

Credit: Cyrus Fairvar
Credit: Cyrus Fairvar

"Inside, it may get warm enough to melt the ice and form an ocean of liquid water, so maybe things could live there. We don't know, but we would like to find out. The Europa Clipper is our next step to explore Europa and find out what is under the ice.

"The Europa Clipper is still being planned, so there isn't much we can do right not, but if you keep following the progress online you'll know how it is coming along. I hope this helped, thank you again for writing."

He signed the letter: "Your friend, Dave." Awwww.

Cyrus said NASA had made his little girl's day by sending the reply - which included some incredible drawings from the scientist, not unlike the ones she had sent over in her own letter.

Fair play to Dr Williams - he's definitely hit us right in the feels here.

Featured Image Credit: Cyrus Fairvar

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